Here’s What You Should Know About the Hindu Festival of Holi

Source: Time

Mar 10, 2017

Every year millions of people in India, Nepal, and around the world celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi under clouds of technicolored powder.

The raucous Festival of Colors — a celebration of the vibrancy of spring, fertility, love and the triumph of good over evil — has inspired movies, music, and a plethora of whitewashed imitations. Here are some facts behind the ancient festival.

When is Holi?

Holi takes place on the last full moon of the Hindu lunar month Phalguna. This means it can fall anywhere between late February and late March on the Gregorian calendar — this year it’s March 13 and 14 — and coincides with Indian winter’s transitions into pre-monsoon or summer season.

Spring isn’t one of the four seasonal designations of the Indian Meteorological Department but Holi celebrates many of its traditional associations: youth, fertility, playfulness and vigor.

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  1. World’s colorful festival is Holi. I love celebrating Holi. It gives more pleasure while spraying colors on someone else… I am waiting for the arrival of Holi…

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