Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is nothing compared to Theresa May’s ‘Christian’ approach to immigration

May is hardly the first avowedly Christian politician who would have made Jesus ruin his cute trick with the loaves and fish by puking over the lot of them

When starting a column such as this, the sense of inadequacy is even more overwhelming than usual. The following question about the Prime Minister is plainly way beyond my range or abilities. It ought to be devolved to a specialist in the field, though whether the most relevant field is psychiatry, psychology, philosophy or even theology is something else I’m unsure about.

Anyway, the question is this: what can have happened to Theresa May, in the years between hearing her father spread Christ’s message from his pulpit and becoming a senior politician, to enable the mistreatment of Irene Clennell?

Little that stems from Donald Trump’s second crack at his Muslim ban will be as callous, vicious, moronic and heartrending as the tale of the middle-aged woman from County Durham who – despite being married to an Englishman for 27 years, having two British children and a British grandchild, and being a volunteer of excellent character – has been deported to her native Singapore.


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