9/11 : Your first and second thoughts?

After 9/11 it was sort of my ‘hobby’ to ask everyone of my friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances:

“What was your first and second thought at the moment you saw the collaps of the Twin Towers” ?

(we were not even told at the time that there was a ‘Tower 7’)

I was a bit astonished that most Muslims replied:

” It could not be us, because we are not that clever (to carry out such a sophisticated operation) ”

In a way I was a bit disappointed that after decades of ‘Western Education’ Muslims still are not considered sufficiently clever for anything, but such is the reality.

I do not recall exactly what were the various “second thoughts”. They differed of course.

A ‘surprise reaction’ I got from an American colleague. He was a Senior UN staff, Project Manager in the most difficult location in Kosovo, Mitrovica, the town split between Serb and Albanian Kosovar population (and a very very hard worker). His answer was (he took me aside to tell me in confidence):

” You know, I would not be surprised, if we (USA) did it.”

I answered that I would not be surprised either, but I was surprised that he, a Senior American Officer, says so.  His answer:

” I have spent enough time in Central American (Nicaragua, Guatemala, also Haiti) to see what our CIA is doing there.”

Ah, well …

My own first and second thoughts were:

1.   ” What a superb logistical achievement ! ”            (sorry about that …)

2.   ” And now the world will change …”

Because I immediately sensed that the United States will react in a negative way endangering world peace. I do not know why I thought so, but the facts have proved me right.  Afghanistan, Iraq wars followed … and then Libya, Syria, Yemen, not to speak of Somalia, Sudan …      and now ‘the non-Muslim Muslim travel ban’…

May Allah be our protector and guide at all times.

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