Theresa May wants British people to feel pride in the Balfour Declaration. What exactly is there to be proud of?

Source: Independent

Balfour initiated a policy of British support for Israel which continues to this very day, to the detriment of the occupied Palestinians of the West Bank and the five million Palestinian refugees living largely in warrens of poverty around the Middle East, including Israeli-besieged Gaza. Surely we should apologise

By Robert Fisk; @indyvoices

Theresa May told us that Britain will celebrate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration this summer with “pride”. This was predictable. A British prime minister who would fawn to the head-chopping Arab autocrats of the Gulf in the hope of selling them more missiles – and then hold the hand of the insane new anti-Muslim president of the United States – was bound, I suppose, to feel “pride” in the most mendacious, deceitful and hypocritical document in modern British history.

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  1. She supports Zionism like many of the UK elites. I agree with Robert Fisk, a much respected journalist, that there is nothing to celebrate, and definitely not with pride.

  2. I love the way Robert Fisk tells it like it is! He’s one of the few who dares to and I admire that.

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