Your smartphone is the most dangerous thing you own – don’t take it with you if you travel to America

The legal loophole that allows the US border to be classified as “outside” normal US constitutional protections should be cause for concern. Your important private data is simply not safe if you wish to travel to the US

Here’s a fun game to help you make new (weird) friends. In the pub, hand your wallet and your phone to a complete stranger. Ask them to pass their wallet and phone to you. Which item were the pair of you most nervous about handing over? Unless your phone is a Nokia 3310, almost everyone will want their smartphone back immediately.

Your smartphone is more or less a window into your soul. The apps on it will contain a list of everyone you know (their numbers and email addresses), photos of all of your close family and associates, your internet browsing history (stored in the cache forever) and data that could help identify your sexuality, your home address, and who you bank with. As the Open Rights Group points out: “The difference between your phone and your laptop is your mobile will often keep your entire location history – that’s everywhere you have visited from the moment you first switched the device on.”


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