This is what would have to go wrong for Marine Le Pen to win the French presidential election

Will Hamon’s and Mélenchon’s supporters back Le Pen’s opponent to keep her out of office, as the polls suggest?

What would have to happen for Marine Le Pen, leader of the far right Front National (FN), to win the French presidential election in May? Following Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory, such an outcome cannot be ruled out.

The French presidential election is conducted in two stages, a first round (23 April) when there may be six or seven candidates representing all shades of opinion. Then the two candidates with the most support go into a run-off held two weeks later, on 7 May.


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  1. The election of Le Pen would be as dangerous as Trump’s election. If she would make France to leave the EU probably the EU would not survive. (dangerous not only for us Muslims but for the whole of Europe).

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