The Government’s cruel immigration policy is tearing my family apart – and forcing us into exile

I thought as a Briton I had the freedom to marry who I wanted and settle with them in my country. I was wrong

Critics of the UK’s immigration policy call it “soft-touch Britain”. They say we have “open borders”, but the reality is the opposite. Britain has among the harshest immigration policies in the world, and they are needlessly tearing families apart. A ruling by the UK Supreme Court today confirms this.

Let me tell you about my situation. I’m a Briton born and bred who faithfully paid his tax and has stayed on the right side of the law. A few years ago I met someone from North America who had come to London to study. We fell in love; eventually, we decided to get married.

Only one problem: the UK Home Office. In 2012 the Coalition government made it law that if a Briton marries someone from outside the EU, they have to be earning more than £18,600 a year to settle in the UK, or have £62,500 in savings. My wife’s earnings or potential earnings are not taken into account, only mine.


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