S’poreans congratulate Halimah Yacob for becoming new president

Posted on 07 February 2017

Singaporeans know she will be the one.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can see the future without even having to see it, are lining up to take turns to congratulate Halimah Yacob.


This after they know that Halimah Yacob will be the next president of Singapore when the presidential election is held in September 2017.

One Singaporean, Gong Xi Nee, said: “It is great that Singapore now has a female president. This is a step forward for Singapore.”

“It is good to be decisive so early on.”

“The presidency is the highest office in the land and it shouldn’t be left to chance to decide who gets to own it.”

Other locals said Singaporeans are clever to avoid falling into the trap other countries have inevitably fallen into.

Another local, Tou Piao, said: “We don’t want to end up in a situation like the United States, where a person can actually become president without winning the popular vote.”

“Okay, in Singapore you can also become president without winning the popular vote, but you get the drift.”

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Singaporean presidential election, 2017

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Singapore Presidential Election, 2017
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The next Singaporean presidential election is due to be held in September 2017.[1]


The President is the head of state of Singapore. Following the Westminster system, the position is largely ceremonial, but enjoys severalreserve powers including withholding presidential assent on supply bills and changing or revoking civil service appointments.[2][3] The current system of holding elections for the Presidency began with the 1993 election. Before then, the President was selected byParliament.

There are strict requirements for prospective election candidates, and whether a candidate meets the qualifications or not is decided by the Election Department.

The Presidency is, by the rules of the Constitution, nonpartisan.

Parliamentary reform[edit]

On 11 March 2010, the Government tabled three bills in the parliament to amend the Constitution, the Presidential Elections Act and the Parliamentary Elections Act.[4] A one-day “cooling-off” day was implemented, during which campaigning was forbidden, with only party political broadcasts allowed. Internet campaigning was also formally legalised as a legitimate means of political campaigning.[4] On 26 April 2010, the amendments to the Constitution were passed by a vote of 74–1 after a three-hour debate on the bill.[5]


A Constitutional Commission is reviewing the eligibility criteria for presidential candidates.[6]

With the changes to the elected presidency setup, the next election will be reserved for the Malay community.[7] This means that Abdullah Tarmugi, Halimah Yacob and Yaacob Ibrahim will be eligible for the presidency. Incumbent President Tony Tan will not be eligible to run for a second term, nor will presidential hopeful Tan Cheng Bock who contested against Tony Tan in the last election in 2011 and planned to do so again.

SOURCE:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singaporean_presidential_election,_2017

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  1. When elected she will be the first Muslim and the first Lady President in Singapore. It seems people already congratulate her, so we can too: CONGRATULATIONS!

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