What really happened when Swedes tried six-hour days?

_93925788_thinkstockphotos-178853284Source: BBC

Sweden has been experimenting with six-hour days, with workers getting the chance to work fewer hours on full pay, but now the most high-profile two-year trial has ended – has it all been too good to be true?

Assistant nurse Emilie Telander, 26, cheers as one of the day patients at Svartedalen’s elderly care home in Gothenburg manages to roll a six in a game of Ludo.

But her smile fades as she describes her own luck running out at the end of the year, when after 23 months of six-hour shifts, she was told to go back to eight-hour days.

“I feel that I am more tired than I was before,” she reflects, lamenting the fact that she now has less time at home to cook or read with her four-year-old daughter.

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