Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: 5 dead, suspect had gun in bag


Every human life is precious and sacred; killing one is like triggering a genocide. (Al Quran 5:32/33)


Source: CNN

By Catherine E. Shoichet and Steve Almasy

(CNN) Five people were shot dead and eight wounded in a baggage claim area at Fort Lauderdale’s airport, and law enforcement sources tell CNN the suspect, identified as Esteban Santiago, had brought the firearm in his checked luggage.

Authorities said it was too early to understand why the suspect, who was taken into custody without incident, opened fire at the Florida airport.

Santiago, who lived in Alaska, is being interviewed by local and federal authorities. They are looking into witness reports that the suspect got into an altercation on board his flight to Florida, law enforcement officials said.

Here’s the latest on what we know:

• Thirteen people were shot and eight were taken to hospitals, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said. Five people died from their wounds.

• Broward Health Medical Center officials told reporters five trauma patients were being treated. The patients were in stable condition; two victims underwent surgery Friday afternoon. The officials didn’t discuss the extent of the victim’s injuries.

• The suspect joined the National Guard in Puerto Rico in 2007. In April 2010, he went to Iraq for 10 months. A spokeswoman for the Alaska Army National Guard said Santiago was in the Army Reserves before he joined the guard there in November 2014. Lt. Col. Candis Olmstead said Santiago was discharged in August for unsatisfactory performance.

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    • Where does it say he was a Muslim? You people are becoming paranoid!

      You ARE suffering from Islamophobia and think that everyone out there who shoots others must be a Muslim.

      Try to think of other reasons and why the vast majority of US killers are NOT Muslims….

  1. Someone wearing Kaffiyeh around his neck, raising his index finger to proclaim there is no god but Allah. Yes Im Islamophobic and he probably a Mormon ?

    • None of this is mentioned in the news report. So you go by what one is wearing…? Yes, you’re right in describing yourself as an Islamophobe!

      • Mentioned in the news ? Dont you see the picture of him on the top of this page, lifting a finger.
        His second hand you cant see but hi probably hold a copy of Mormons book ?

  2. Thomas you live in a world where only your prejudices matter to you and truth and reality has no meaning to you. May God bless you with real eyes and a heart!

  3. Muslim rapes of non-Muslim girls and women should be counted terrorist crime. If Muslims fart or sneeze or both at the same time, that should be counted as biological terrorism. All Terrorists are Muslims… Except the 99,6% that Aren’t. We are not terrorist as west call us but we are victims of terrorist like BUSH.

    Every act of terrorism is a criminal act, but not every criminal act is terrorism. If you minus all the criminal acts, I doubt there is even a 5% of terrorism due to extremism of religion by non-Muslims. Here’s a portion of a memorandum from the Israeli Justice Ministry which refers to terrorism. They apparently apply a broader definition to terrorism than you. Defining a word like terrorism is a silly concept. A gorilla beating his hands on his chest to scare away another gorilla is terrorism

    “Definition of “terrorism”:
    A “terrorist act” means the use or threat of action where-
    (a) the use or threat is made from political, ideological or religious motives or out of hostility to the public…….”Are they wrong to include all of these additional acts as terrorism?

    US & NATO FORCES ALREADY KILL MILLION,S OF INNOCENT PEOPLE ON THE NAME OF WAR AGAINST TERROR (IN IRAQ,AFGHANISTAN, AND THEY ARE DESTABILIZING ALL THE MUSLIM COUNTRIES .) THIS IS NOT A WAR AGAINST TERROR. THIS IS WAR AGAINST MUSLIM STATES. What comes to MOST ATROCIOUS acts of terrorism, US of A is having a good lead.. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki, US ambassador in UN saying that half a million dead Iraqi children is “worth the price”, 1,5 million dead civilians in Afghanistan. It’s quite hilarious how Americans are so hysterical about WTC, since they only got what they’ve been asking for a long time. Usually, we mean a terrorist attack civilians. Then why the US army that killed 1000000 civilians in Iraq and half of the figure in Afghan, would not be termed as terrorist? A terrorist should not have any identity for state, Religion or ethnic. The two weapons of mass destruction dropped on Japan—-now that’s what I call terrorism! killing 120,000 men, women and children in the blink of an eye. In the art of killing, the Yanks are specialists in this area.

    Terror is the biggest business today at home and abroad. Everyone is a beneficiary. The government gets more clout and more powers over the lives of its hapless subjects through new terror laws and activation of old ones in an atmosphere where no one dares to question the motives of the politicians over the vital issue of “security”. Security forces get immunity for illegal acts and crimes for which they win medals, rewards, promotions and huge funds with no accountability attached.

    Newspapers and TV channels improve their circulation and ratings sensationalising real and imaginary terror stories with total impunity as no one would dare question their rightful concern for our safety and security.

    White people shooting down other white people is a “skirmish”. Black people peacefully marching 30 days and rioting on one is called a murderous mob of thugs Where are all the white on white crime whiners?…”crickets” America…devolving to the wild west/mad maxistan… preventable? Yes, when the cancer of (every-man-for-himself, extreme individualistic selfishness, my-rights-or-a-bullet-at-you) is cured.

    Who says that America is not a terrorist state? America is terrorising the whole world while American citizens are victim of terrorism by their own people.

    The Charleston church shooting was an act of domestic terrorism — the kind of violence that black Americans know all too well. After the church attack in Charleston, some trotted out the usual careless language that shelters domestic terrorists from responsibility: Roof was a “lone wolf shooter” who was “mentally unstable.” White Supremacist Racialist Terrorism. This killer was very calmly arrested by the police even though he had killed 9 innocent ppl. Had he been a black person, the police would have treated him worse than an animal. The police probably would have even shot him and killed him on the scene, had he been black This WHITE killer is even being granted bail! Had he been a Muslim criminal, the American nation would have hounded for his blood. Had he been a Muslim criminal, he would have killed or locked away in Guantanamo. The double standards are sickening.

    Following the mass shooting in a historical black church in Charleston, South Carolina, an incident that led to the deaths of nine churchgoers, data revealed that more than half of the total attacks in the United States since 9/11 were orchestrated by right-wing extremists than by jihadists.

    The data also suggests that the number of fatalities in right-wing attacks – which include attacks by white supremacists and neo-Nazis, as reported by Vox – have been twice as much.

    New York-based non-profit New America Foundation (NAF) found that the mass shooting in Charleston (which was carried out by Dylan Roof, a white supremacist, believed to have acted alone in the attack) brought the tally of “lethal terrorist incidents” by indigenous extremists to 19, causing the deaths of 48 Americans in total. Jihadists, in comparison, have executed seven attacks in the same time frame, which have resulted in 26 deaths.

    According to The New York Times, John Horgan, a University of Massachusetts Lowell scholar, said, “There’s an acceptance now [among scholars] of the idea that the threat from jihadi terrorism in the United States has been overblown. And there’s a belief that the threat of right-wing, anti-government violence has been underestimated.”

    However, Charles Kurzman, a University of North Carolina professor, said, “Law enforcement agencies around the country have told us the threat from Muslim extremists is not as great as the threat from right-wing extremists.”

    Some of the other right wing attacks on home soil include assailing a Sikh temple, Christian churches and U.S. Holocaust Museum. These attacks were executed because people didn’t share the same race or beliefs as that of the perpetrator. The jihadist attacks, as studied by NAF, were brought to action because the terrorist group responsible did not agree with the U.S. government policies and actions. Moreover, most of the assailants in jihadist attacks share links to the Middle East.

    In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security authored a report that highlighted the growth of right-wing terrorism in the country. However, the report was deemed as an attack on conservative ideologies, according to The Washington Post.

    The author of the report, Daryl Johnson, was subsequently fired.

    “DHS is scoffing at the mission of doing domestic counterterrorism, as is Congress,” Johnson said. “There’ve been no hearings about the rising white supremacist threat, but there’s been a long list of attacks over the last few years. But they still hold hearings about Muslim extremism. It’s out of balance.”

    Some experts have expressed their concern that right wing terrorism poses a greater risk to the country than jihadist terrorism.

    Ibrahim Hooper, the national communications director for the Council on American Islamic Relations, said, “Look at the statistics. They are clear.

    “We called the Charleston shooting an act of terrorism … Why wouldn’t you call the murder of nine people by someone trying to spark a race war an act of domestic terrorism?”

    If he is a Muslim than he will be called a terrorist. otherwise, he is a mentally ill person. Double standard by the so called civilised nation. When a native Brit goes to Middle East, he is called a voluntary fighter. When a Muslim goes there he is called a terrorist. Double standard by the British society. Also lot of British Jews went to Israel to fight but on their return no action was taken against them. Please tell me the difference between a bunch of Muslims killing innocent civilians, and drones sent by the West massacring entire families in Pakistan and Afghanistan. When ‘they’ kill, it’s terrorism, when ‘we’ kill, it’s necessary in order to ‘protect our way of life’. Blatant hypocrisy. If a non-Muslim does something is crime. But if a Muslim does the same. He is terrorist.

    Don’t these hypocrites idiots know what their ancestors did to Native American Indians they slaughtered 150 millions of Native American Indians! and also do they know that Great Britain invaded 80% countries around the world? They should call them terrorist first and as well call their ancestors terrorist! British did the same to Native American Indians and sadly they still treat Native American Indians badly! So Americans Indians know how you Muslims feel! They stolen Indian land and killed 150 millions of Indians the British did! They were forced to go to the white man’s school and learn the language, culture and faith of the white man. Inspite of that, they are still the under dogs of the American society.

    Who says that Europeans are civilised. They are the most savage people in the world. They are guilty of massacre during the time of Crusade in Jerusalem. They not only slaughtered Arab Muslims but also Arab Christians and Jews. They massacred American Indians in millions. They slaughtered Aborigines who welcomed them in the first place. British massacred millions of Indian Muslims after the War of Independence in 1857. Millions of their children were converted to Christianity by the Christian Missionaries.

    Terrorism, the use of violence against civilians is not new and it is not unique to Islamic extremists. Though we are hyper-aware of this threat from groups that view themselves as the only true Muslims, let us not forget that assaults on civilians have been used widely throughout human existence and was a widespread occurrence in the last century. Dresden, The Holocaust, Biafra, Rwanda, Cambodia, Oklahoma City… None of these had anything to do with Islam. The problem is not that Islam harbours fanatics, that Europeans allow Muslim immigrants to dwell in impoverished ghettos, or that the Western Nations support despots to ensure access to the oil of the Middle East, though all are true. The problem is that people, and states, are all too willing to use violence to advance their own self-interest. Until we eschew violence, it will always be a weapon easily adopted by the least among us to strike at the privileged.

    In Islam there is no commandment to kill people by making such allegations against them. The cartoonists had exercised their freedom of expression, and freedom of expression is totally allowed in Islam. Even during the Prophet’s time there were several instances of ridicule, however the Prophet and his Companions neither punished such persons nor asked anyone to do so. On every occasion of this kind, the Prophet’s Companions always tried to positively disseminate the message of Islam. They never tried to punish these people. The killing of those people who had published the cartoons is a gravely un-Islamic act in the name of Islam. What did killing Saddam Husain do. What did killing Osama Bin laden do? NOTHING!!!. There is a long line of replacements. I don’t know the answers. He was asked by MI5 to join them…so you know he is working for them.

    We do not hold Norwegian Christians responsible for the actions of the fascist Anders Breivik, whose 2011 rampage left 77 dead. We do not hold white people collectively responsible for Timothy McVeigh, the US neo-Nazi whose 1995 Oklahoma City bomb killed 168 people, or for David Copeland, the former BNP member who planted bombs across London in 1999. Nor should anyone suggest that Britain’s Muslims are collectively responsible for yesterday’s attack.

    Why is the NATO merrily slaughtering thousands of innocent people and children every week with these drones and not called to heel? Why is the mass scale of these daily atrocities and carnage never reported and just callously written off as collateral damage? This not a war on terrorism at all, and its more than blatant bullying. This actually IS terrorism. And the worst of it is that our government despite all the death and destruction, are happy to stain their hands with the blood of collateral damage too. Its all so horribly wrong! And this is what gives fuel to terrorists and the real reason they hate the west. Thousands of innocent children and women killed by these.

    A vast majority of people in this world just want to live their lives with their families and friends, and don’t give a hoot about what other people do, as long as they can go on with their families and friends. I find it almost impossible to believe that most Muslims want to kill people who don’t share their views. The matter at hand is how to change the mind-set of people so a higher percentage does not turn to violence. One should not lump all individuals of any particular Faith in with the violent actions of a few misguided individuals who USE Religion to justify their violent actions. Every now and then a Muslim kills in the US and some people jump on ALL Muslims, as though WHITES, CHRISTIANS or otherwise, do not kill. They forget that non-Muslim killing far outnumbers Muslim killing in the US. They call for the expulsion of Muslims. The BEST SOLUTION would be for all FOREIGNERS to go back to their roots and return the country to the original AMERICAN NATIVES. Is this not a FAIR PROPOSAL? LOL! You white Christians have destroyed the Native Americans and it is only fair and right that YOU be destroyed by other communities.

    The IRA was a TERRORIST organization who bombed schools full of children, massacred innocents and put bombs in busy London subway stations …oh, and thy were all “devout” Roman Catholics … many Catholics were blamed for this and generalized as terrorists? ..I’m just saying.

    The Government has stated that “Nursery staff and child-minders are given duty to report toddlers they risk of becoming terrorists under new Home Office measures.” So basically if a child-minder thinks your toddler is showing concerning behavioural traits they have to report them, as if being a toddler isn’t hard enough already.

    I feel these rules from the Home office will only serve to create tension, suspicion and a lack of tolerance between people. Really, is the government so naïve in social science that they really feel these ideas work? No, they are not. They know exactly what they are doing. They are creating a climate of fear for no more reason than control.

    The Famous English playwright George Bernard Shaw said: The world much needs a man with Mohammad’s bright thinking. If a man like Mohammad were to assume The rule of modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems and bring peace and happiness to it.. Almost all greatest thinkers praised Muhammad (PBUH) and his religion, if you cannot agree with them then you have your head buried deep in the dirt or your an intellectual dwarf have nothing against dwarves that’s how they were created but an intellectual dwarf you created yourself. One of the black companion of Prophet Muhammad named Bilal holds high status in Islam even though he was previously a slave . Prophet Muhammad ended all status and economic differences and taught the people about equal rights. Those who abuse and curse Islam are the ones who do not want to treat people equally and want to enjoy privilege by amassing wealth through blood sucking capitalism, and they are the ones who made fortune from the slave trading and i saw their grand sons in Paris train stopping a black man from stepping into train.

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