The Muslim Times’ Collection on Islam’s Condemnation of Terrorism

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Did Prophet Muhammad teach Muslims to use terrorism and Jihad to spread Islam?

Source: Muhammad Fact Check Critics claim that “the crux of Islam is an ideology of global war” and that Prophet Muhammad allegedly supported this global war through terrorism and Jihad.…

Challenging Wilders: The Pen indeed and not the Axe!

Written by Zia H Shah The title of the first chapter of Geert Wilders’ recent book against Islam, Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me, is provocative enough…

Book Review: EXTREMIST: A Response to Geert Wilders & Terrorists Everywhere

Book by Qasim Rashid B.Sc. JD Reviewed by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times The book has been released on May 28, 2014 and is available…

Debunking the Extremist Myth That Islam is Anti-Jewish

Source: Time By Qasim Rashid: He is an attorney, author, and national spokesperson for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA. His upcoming book,EXTREMIST: A Response to Geert Wilders & Terrorists Everywhere, is due…

Is Human Life Sacred: The Body and the Spirit?

Epigraph: On account of this, We prescribed for the children of Israel that whosoever killed a person — unless it be for killing a person or for creating disorder in…

Every Child is Precious and Every Human Life is Sacred

Epigraph: The Holy Quran equates killing of any innocent human to a genocide, to a holocaust, “We (Allah) prescribed for the children of Israel that whosoever killed a person —…

Is every human life sacred and When are drone killings illegal?

Editor’s note: I have modified the title of CNN news a little and chosen the picture above.  Let us remember our Old Testament: Thou shall not kill!  To examine the…

Every human life is sacred, otherwise none is!

Did Osama bin Laden get a chance to prove his innocence in front of a jury of well meaning peers, who showed inclination to deliver justice? With the election of a son…

USA: “Muslims for Life” Blood Drives marks 13th anniversary of 9/11

Source: Ahmadi Muslims in the Washington, DC. are holding “Muslims for Life” campaign on Thursday, Sept. 11, from 8am until 2pm  at the Rayburn House Office Building It’s the third year…

Hajj sermon: No place for terrorism in Islam, says Grand Mufti

Source / Courtesy: Express Tribune Muslim Hajj pilgrims perform the noon prayers at the Nimra mosque near Mount Arafat. PHOTO: AFP By Agencies Published: November 6, 2011 MOUNT ARAFAT / SAUDI ARABIA: Addressing millions…

9/11 and Islam: Islam unreservedly condemns every form of terrorism

By: Laiq Ahmed Atif, President Ahmadiyya Community Malta: Today the world is facing great threats of terrorism. Thousands of innocent people have been killed and still there seems to be no end…

Terrorism, suicide bombing and Islam

A little glance at the recent history shows that hardly a day passes in which an Islamic event does not make headlines. Very unfortunately, in the world today, Islam is…

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Islam!

This article by Zia H Shah MD was originally published in Winter, 2009 volume of Muslim Sunrise: This examines the philosophical and historical basis of human rights. With the election of a son…

The Holy Prophet Muhammad Recognized, as a Great Law-Giver, by US Supreme Court in 1935

Epigraph: “And We (Allah) have sent thee (Muhammad) not but as a mercy for the whole mankind.” (Al Quran 21:108) Collected by Dr. Abdul Alim There is a frieze in the Supreme Court…

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  1. We are open to your evidence. Please do not define the majority of 1.6 billion peace loving Muslims by the few thousand ISIS, who call themselves Muslims.

  2. But aren’t you a member of the ahmidaya cult which makes up 1% of the global muslim population. Treated as heretics and subject to violence and discrimination at the hands of believers in the majority versions of islam?

    I understand your cult is a peaceful one albeit with a tendency to proselytise – why do you try and make out that the problem with islam is just a few bad apples?

    Do you ever read the research by organisations such as Pew which illustrate the fact that regressive and prejudiced views of women, LGBT, Jews and infidels in general are endemic in muslim majority nations and within the inward looking enclaves across Europe.

    • The majority of the 1.6 billion peace loving Muslims does not see Ahamdiyyaat as a muslim group. You are not even allowed to enter Mecca. They only welcome real muslims.

      As Ahamdiyyaat comes from India you might remember what happend in India when the Muslim peacelovers liberated the Hindu people. India’s population is said to have been around 600 million at the time of Muslim invasion. By the mid 1500’s the Hindu population was 200 million. Survivors got enslaved and castrated.

  3. Thomas you made up your facts about India. None of what you are saying is true. When British took over India from the Muslims in 19th century after a 1000 year Muslim rule, India was a Muslim majority country.

    The same cannot be said about Europe, Australia, North and South America as the Christians, presumably your faith, took over these continents, the continents were changed into almost Christian only, ask the aborigines! Read your history and please stop projecting onto others what you see in the mirror.

    In 1492 the year Columbus discovered Americas, last city state of the Muslims in Europe was defeated and each and every Muslim in Europe was banished, converted by force or killed and there was not a single Muslim in Europe for a long time to come.

    Of course it all happened before the European enlightenment and Declaration of Independence of USA, which are sources of our universal brotherhood in our global village.

    Please move from the Europe of 15th century to the present day world. We will send you a time machine.

  4. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    Saying condemnation is insufficient. Saying terrorist is not Islam it is also insufficient act—it does not solve the problem as we till today— there are still many terrorist attack innocent people almost every month.

    We have to be honest first and admit that our current Islamic teaching, old interpretation of Islam by Extremist Clerics creates violence, oppression, discrimination, injustice, killing innocent people, children,women, persecute blasphemy, gay-lesbian, apostate, then create poverty and hatred toward Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Shia Ahmadiyah and others.
    There is something wrong with Islamic clerics or something wrong with Islamic teaching, either one.

    We Muslims are the ones who need to change. It is a Muslim problem that needs a Muslim solution .

    From my view, we as Muslim cannot claim that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy for mankind anymore, if we do not recognize what is wrong with our problem. We have to fix it.. do not blame others. This is the key to fix it.

    All our love❤️

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