PM Nawaz Sharif inaugrates Chinese-assisted nuclear power plant in Mianwali

Islamabad, Dec 28

Power-starved Pakistan today received a major boost as a China-backed 340 MW nuclear power plant in its Punjab province was inaugrated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who termed it as a milestone in the government’s efforts to end the mence of load shedding. The Chashma-3 plant is located at Chashma in Mianwali district where another plant Chashma-IV is also being built. Sharif described the completion of C-3 as another milestone towards the journey to eliminate the menace of load shedding from the country, Radio Pakistan reported.


He said the project is reflective of closer cooperation between Pakistan and China in science and technology.

China launched two high-resolution remote sensing satellites “This cooperation is also beginning of a new era of development in the region,” he said. Sharif expressed confidence that Chashma-IV nuclear power plant would also become operational before its deadline of mid next year.

Chashma two and three power plants are the most efficient plants in the country, providing more than 600 MW of electricity to the national grid. Sharif appreciated Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) for its efforts for self reliance in fuel fabrication and said his government would extend every possible assistance to the Commission to help overcome the shortage of electricity in the country. Referring to the generation target of 8800 MW of nuclear energy by 2030, Sharif urged the Commission to accept the challenge of producing more than the target and play its full role in the development of the country. Noting that there has been a marked reduction in load shedding during the last three years, Sharif pledged that the menace of load shedding would be over in 2018.


He said generation of additional 2200 MW of electricity through K-II and K-III would contribute towards this effort. Sharif urged PAEC to take all possible measures to strengthen safety of existing and future power plants as per international standards. Sharif thanked China for extending cooperation in nuclear field and said the two countries are actively cooperating in many other areas, including construction of roads, motorways, airports and upgradation of Pakistan Railways. He said many projects were initiated under CPEC and their impact was now visible. These projects are being implemented speedily and this would result in overcoming challenges of unemployment, poverty, backwardness and accelerating the pace of socio economic development, besides bringing all regions of the country more closer, he said.

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