Tunisia says Hamas drone expert killed by ‘foreigners’


The Tunisian government on Sunday said that foreigners were behind the murder of a Tunisian engineer, after the Palestinian resistance group Hamas said Israel was behind his death.

“The investigations concerning the assassination of Tunisian citizen Mohamed Zaouari and the latest findings have proven that foreign elements were involved,” the government said on its Facebook page.

It did not give further details, but said it was “determined to protect all Tunisian citizens and to pursue those guilty of carrying out assassination inside and outside” the country.

Zaouari, a 49-year-old engineer, was murdered at the wheel of his car outside his house in Tunisia’s second city, Sfax, on Thursday.

He was buried on Saturday.

more:    http://www.dailysabah.com/mideast/2016/12/18/tunisia-says-hamas-drone-expert-killed-by-foreigners

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