On human rights day, Pak comes under fire for Ahmadiyya crackdown

Source: Newsdog.today

“USCIRF condemns the brutal raid on the Ahmadiyya offices, the first such raid since Pakistan amended its constitution 42 years ago declaring that Ahmadis are ‘non-Muslims’,” said Thomas J. Reese, a Catholic priest of the Jesuit order.

“Pakistan’s anti-terrorism laws should not be applied to the peaceful Ahmadiyya community simply because they are Ahmadis,” he added.

The USCIRF noted in a statement that Pakistan’s Punjab province, where the raid took place, “has a deeply troubling religious freedom record” with two-thirds of all blasphemy cases originating there.

On Monday the counter-terrorism department raided an office of the Ahmadiyya community and arrested several people for producing religious publications, Tehreek-e-Jadeed and Al-Fazal that the Punjab government had declared as “seditious and treasonable” in 2014.


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