US election: Donald Trump says he will not quit over video

Source: BBC

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he will not withdraw from the race in phone interviews with US media.

Mr Trump has been under pressure after a tape of him making lewd sexual comments and bragging about groping and kissing women emerged on Friday.

He told the Wall Street Journal there was “zero chance I’ll quit” and he was getting “unbelievable” support.

Top Republicans condemned his remarks in the video. Mr Trump’s election rival Hillary Clinton called them “horrific”.

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  1. As long he remains Mr Trump can do what ever he likes. But definitely he is not born to be most powerful worldy leader. Humanity direly needs leader with extremely high moral values. And high moral is a leadership trait embodied from the infancy stage. Mr Trump does not posess this trait. Write it some where, on 07th of October 2016 Mr Trump has lost the US Election. It is his destiny.

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