Norway seeks ban on burqas in the classroom


Source: Yahoo News

Oslo (AFP) – Norway’s right-wing government on Wednesday announced plans to ban the full-face Islamic veil from classrooms and university lecture halls.

Education Minister Torbjorn Roe Isaksen, quoted in the Vart Land newspaper, said the government was seeking “national regulations prohibiting the full-face veil in schools and universities”.

Muslim women are rarely seen wearing such veils in Norway, let alone in schools. But the issue has come up recently in political debates, with less than a year to go before parliamentary elections.

Several political parties including the opposition Labour Party had expressed support for such a ban.

Roe Isaksen stressed that the ban would not apply to Islamic headscarves that leave the face exposed such as the hijab. People should be allowed to express their faith in public in Norway, he said.

“I want a young Christian girl who wears a cross to be able to show it,” he told parliament. “I want a Jewish boy who wears a kippa to be able to show it. And I do not want a ban on the hijab.”

The Norwegian plan comes as several European countries have moved to ban the face-covering niqab and full-body burqa.

Bulgaria on Friday banned women from wearing the full veil in public, and Switzerland’s lower house last week narrowly approved a draft bill on a nationwide ban.

In August Germany’s interior minister came out in favour of a partial ban.

France and Belgium have both banned the burqa and niqab in public, while French beach resorts sparked international controversy this summer with local bans on the full-body “burkini” Islamic swimsuit.

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  1. Burqa is an identity for a Muslim girl. Its unwanted for a Muslim woman or man what third person thinks of it, she will follow it for the WILL OF GOD “ALLAH”. Its protecting yourself from people who think woman is show piece or a specific thing for men enjoyment.

    Let anyone in the world has any problem with any of the Islamic activity (which he follows as per the Islamic law), will never harm anyone in this world.

    Pls read some hadith which will guide you to the right path. Insha Allah.

    A British man came to Sheikh and asked:
    Why is it not permissible in Islam for women to shake hands with a man?
    The Sheikh said:
    Can you shake hands with Queen Elizabeth?
    British man said:
    Of course no, there are only certain people who can shake hands with Queen Elizabeth.
    Sheikh replied:
    Our women are queens and queens do not shake hands with strange men.
    Then the British man asked the Sheikh:
    Why do your girls cover up their body and hair?
    The Sheikh smiled and got two sweets, he opened the first one and kept the other one closed. He threw them both on the dusty floor and asked the British:
    If I ask you to take one of the sweets which one will you choose?
    The British replied:
    The covered one.
    The Sheikh said:
    That’s how we treat and see our woman.

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