Fiji: Home visit programmes introduced for the very first time at Ahmadiyya Muslim School in Narere


School Introduces Home Visits

School Introduces Home Visits
Ahmadiyya Muslim Primary School students with their certificates of Achievement yesterday in Narere. Phoyo: Mere Satakala
September 08


Home visit programmes have been introduced for the very first time at Ahmadiyya Muslim Primary school in Narere.

The programme sees teachers visit the homes of the students every Wednesday of every week.

School headteacher Mohammed Feroz said when students came to school you could not really tell what they were going through until you’ve been to where they lived.

“We actually get to see the conditions of how students really lived most of our teachers were overwhelmed at how some students were living,” Mr Feroz said.

Some students that attend the school come from low income earning families, broken homes where a student have been raised by grandparents or a single mother, and live in informal settlements.

“We have seen for ourselves the reality of how these students come to school, the home visit has brought the teachers and communities together,” he said.

The school was holding its Mini Awards ceremony on Tuesday, a follow up to the annual prize giving held at the end of the year.

“The awards is just to encourage students to do well during the term.

“It is such a good programme that the school has done today it will really motivate the kids and the home visit tells us how much the school really cares for the students,” said Lily Mikaere, a parent.

The school will be conducting more visitations throughout the rest of the year and hopes to continue with the programme in the long term.

Edited by Rusiate Mataika


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