Lenovo Yoga Book copies handwriting off paper notepads

Source: BBC

Lenovo’s latest tablet computer can take a digital copy of handwriting as it is jotted down on a paper notepad placed on top of the machine.

The Yoga Book’s unusual fold-out digitiser pad can also be used to create graphics. In addition, it lights up to form a keyboard.

The tablet bucks a trend among rivals that encourage users to write and draw directly on their screens.

One expert said that pursuing a unique approach was “risky”.

“There have been previous concepts like this – Microsoft toyed with something similar years ago – but it’s very different to what else has actually been put on sale,” said Patrick Moorhead, from the tech consultancy Moor Insights & Strategy.

“And when you bring out something new there’s a risk.

“That’s not necessarily bad, because there could be a higher rate of return [if it proves popular] and people recognise Lenovo as a company that brings out differentiated products.

“But if it doesn’t deliver, then the spending on all the [research and development] will have been for naught.”

Lenovo’s share of global tablet shipments rose by about 3% over the past year, according to market research firm IDC.

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