Searching for Jesus in India – with a camera There is an old belief that Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion and spent his last years in Kashmir. Those who subscribe to this theory cite as evidence the Rozabal shrine in Srinagar, which is purported to maintain the earthly remains of the Christian prophet, and a minor body of literature.

Most serious historians and theologians debunk the idea of a tortured man crossing thousands of miles to die in a strange land. But then again, the conventional story is no less fanciful.

What is incontrovertible is that Jesus, regardless of his exact date and mode of arrival, is as much a god of India as any other local deity.

Goddess and Jesus. Credit: Nate Rabe
Goddess and Jesus. Credit: Nate Rabe

You don’t have to walk too many furlongs through the streets of India before bumping into the man from Galilee. His image, as also those of his family and more famous followers, are attached to churches and convents.

But what has interested me more is discovering Christ in surprising places. Or in unexpected company, such as next to the Goddess in her myriad forms.


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