Mosque are not for terror activities

Recently, a widely published study claimed that mosques and Islamic schools are filled with extremist literature. For Muslims who have made significant contribution to society through faith-based charitable drives such as A Million Pounds of Food or countless Annual Blood Donation drives and city clean-ups across Canada, it is very disturbing and insulting news.

Mosques are primarily a place for worship especially the congregational prayers. Besides prayers it has major role of reforming, harmonizing and educating people. In modern terms mosque is like a community center where many types of community services can be rendered. However mosques are not for business, or for any type of criminal or illegal activities.  All immoral acts are forbidden in mosques. Mosques are not for material gains.

From the traditions of the Holy Prophet (Peace be on him) we come to know about many useful and communal functions of any mosque:

Open to all for Prayers

A mosque is open to all for worship; men and women, travelers or residents. Even though some mosques do not allow women to pray in mosques, the Holy Prophet did not command so. According to Hadith “Do not prevent the maids of Allah from visiting the houses of Allah (the mosques).” (Ibn Majah)

Sometime small children are forbidden to enter mosques. That is contrary to the tradition of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

Religious Education and schooling

The illiterate used to learn how to read and write in the mosque of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Muslims developed their whole Islamic civilization based on education they got in the mosques

A Place for Socialization

The praying community used to connect in the mosque. The Prophet (peace be upon him) would inquire about someone missing for a day or two. He would ask to find out if the person was in need of help or he was well.

A Place for knowing about Islam (Tabligh)

There are several authentic hadiths that demonstrate that the mosque of the Prophet was the usual place where non-Muslims could come to get more knowledge about Islam.

A Place for Celebration

Many announcements related to birth, death, wedding, ill health and request for prayers are made in mosques. All Islamic events such as Eid and Ramadan are celebrated in mosques by holding activities related to the event.

A Place for Meetings and Deliberation

The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to gather his companions in the mosque to discuss important matters and come up with decisions about them.


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  1. Terrorism came from a man named Osama Bin laden and Al Qaeda a man and organization supported funded and trained by America to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. America have created terrorism and unleashed it onto the rest of the world. America would have you believe it was Bin Laden who was responsible for 9/11. There are to many things that do not tie up for that to be true. The two buildings were brought down by explosives and not by planes crashing into them. The third building was reported by the BBC to have been blown up 20 minutes before it happened. Google ” the hoax of the century ” by Graham Pick. The western powers have had created this anarchy; their thirst for oil, their crony capitalism, imperialism has annoyed many people and this has lead to rise in terrorism. It wasn’t Islam in Vietnam that reacted against US invasion. If they invaded UK for our oil and started dropping drone bombs then I’d rebel! I guess I’d be labelled a chapel fundamentalist by the media then.

    How are we defining Terrorism here? Does the terrorism of the U.S. armed forces dropping death from above via drone count? In the United States more people have been killed by vending machines since 9/11 than by ‘Terrorists’ Let’s have some perspective. The deaths from ‘terror’ pale into comparison if you compare them to the annual fatalities from agricultural accidents, road deaths and the yearly population cull that America gives itself for failing to have proper gun control legislation. The US military are the real terrorists here. When the word religion is mentioned, in 99.9% of cases it is a euphemism for Islam. George Bush repeatedly claimed to be fighting for God and never missed an opportunity to use God and religion to justify his actions, we can see Israeli politicians/terrorists using religion to justify their actions daily – Islam doesn’t have a monopoly on violent, murdering scumbags. The west created the instability in most of these countries that are severely affected by terrorism. We should probably be sorting it out. Should the shooting of children by an occupying force be classed as terrorism? Is the destruction of olive groves by settlers economic terrorism? What, exactly, constitutes terrorism?

    How can you expect to combat terrorism when most terrorist organisations are the creation of US? ISIS, Al-Qaida were founded and financed by the US to create wars that the US needs in order to “democratise” countries. Al comes with a price. Some pay with their lives, some pay cash…The stakes revolve around the control of resources, energy and consumer markets… A lot of these terrorist groups wouldn’t exist if the US hadn’t spent the last 30 years encouraging, funding and arming them as proxies in the region. The US record on picking the ‘good guys’ is appalling and a lot of the problems of the Middle East are directly attributable to their crack handed meddling over the years.

    • Right. In addition Israel likes all its neighbours to be destabalized and destroyed so that they can persue their own goal of greater Israel. If someone accuses them that they killed 2000 civilians in Gaza, they can, correctly laugh their head off, because the Muslims in the meantime killed 200’000 …
      What is needed is to listen to Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the Khalifa of Peace.

  2. Yes USA support and help Al Qaida and Taliban in Afghanistan to expell The army of Uni Sofiet or Rusia.
    USA was and are a helpfull country, unfortunately Al Qaida and Taliban did not know how to thank to those who support them, after Rusia army had been expelled fr Afghanistan, Al Qaida and Taliban fight and kill USA till today. Allah all Know it then Allah has been cursing and punishing severely till today. They live in misery on present life .
    That is the fact. Allah will curse and punish Islamic extremist every where.
    ISIS, AL QAIDA and TALIBAN follow the ancient Islamic teaching. They are Ancient Muslims.

    • My dear Somi. ISIS etc. do not follow the ancient Islamic teachings. In fact they follow no Islamic teachings.

      • @Rafiq let me show some Allah’s law that Isis implement it
        1. System Khalifah Q. 2:30
        2. Wimen dress; Burqa Q.
        3. Slavery
        4. Punish and kill infidel, Apostate, blasphemer, homosexual etc
        5. Polygamy
        6. Etc

        The result of practicing the ancient Islamic laws, women have to cover their entire body with a cloth, and whole body of women are genitalia or “aurat”, except 2 hole of eyes—-women are forbidden to go outside without accompanied by her brother or husband—-women are forbidden to drive a car—-women have to circumcised—girls are forbidden to get good education like boy,—-women are forbidden to shake hand with a man—women are forbidden to sit side by side with a man—women are forbidden to work at office with men—women are forbidden to be a leader or imam at mosque—women are forbidden to sing a song at public or on TV—-women will get inheritance half than man—-women are forbidden to marry a christian—-males have to have long beard—-males are urged to have wife more than one (polygamous )—males are forbidden to wear the gold-ring—Muslims are forbidden to have a pet-dog—-Muslim are forbidden to marry a christian woman.—Muslims are forbidden to eat meat that slaughtered by Christian—-Muslim are forbidden to say “ Merry Christmas to friends—-Christian are forbidden to enter the city of Mecca—Christian are forbidden to be a leader—-Christian have to pay Jitza (extra tax)—Bible are accused the false book—-International bank ( non Muslim ) are forbidden because of usury-

        The ancient Arab tradition, women are as second class in Arab society still be upheld by Arab people from one generation to the next generation. They feel proud of their tradition.
        Those who does not follow the ancient Arab tradition, are accused infidel, or insulted his tradition.

        May Ahmadiyyah NOT to follow the ancient Islamic laws
        Those who follow the ancient laws take Muslims backward… like ISIS.
        Love all

    • Isis, Al Qaeda & Taliban follow ancient Islamic teachings…? Do you even think before you post nonsense.
      Perhaps your knowledge of Islam is based on the writings of Nabeel Qureshi.

      • Nabeel Qureshi left Islam because he cant reform Islamic teaching that has been contaminated with false hadith and Arab tradition.
        I am still remain in Islam and want to try reforming Islamic teaching from inside.

        I am glad that you mantion Nabeel here.
        He was a gitf, he was smart and intelectual young man.
        He invertigated Islam and Christianity. And then he decided to choose Christianity. Unfortunately most young Muslims follow their parents faith or religion. It us wrong absolutely, we have to investigate the truth other religions, if not do so we are a bigot. Fall into unforgivable sin or Syrick
        I urge young Muslim Ahmadiyyah to investigate by your self Christianity. Dont place your faith on your leader, he can deceive you to wrong teaching like Isis etc.

        Also I am so happy with Nabeel parents and Ahmadiyyah community who accept his choise and left Islam. That is right attitude, his parents still love him very much.
        Hopefully Ahmadiyyah community show and pray for him.
        Unfortunately extremist Islamic clerics had threatened ed him. Allah protected a good man. Allah cursed extremist.
        Thank you f brought out Nabeel Qureshi.
        All love

  3. Nabeel Qureshi loved very much his parents, his community, his friends in Islam… but he loved Allah or the truth more than his parents and others. That is the true faith. I urge Ahmadiyyah youth to invertigate Islam, and as well Christianity. You can find the truth. And you will find sutisfaction in faith. If you are wrong, Allah will forgive you.

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