Traffic chaos at 38,000 gather for Ahmadiyya Jalsa event

He felt the traffic chaos was caused “by everyone trying to get to the site in time for the raising of the flag at the start of the convention”, and although Ahmadiyya Muslims stewards were at the gates there were none further up the road to help keep the traffic moving.There was a park-and-ride service to the site from the Country Market, near Kingsley, but this did not seem to ease the problem.Mr Twining said he felt villagers had not been given all the traffic-control measures they had been promised.“This is something that will be top of our list as a priority to be discussed with the Ahmadiyya leaders when we have our next liaison meeting with them,” he said.Things went more smoothly when the convention ended on Sunday “as people left at different times,” the parish council clerk said.But it is understood that some vehicles were held up on Sunday on their way to the White Dove Collectors Show at Kingsley Sports Ground in Sickles Lane.This year marked the 11th year that Jalsa Salana has been held in East Worldham. Before this, the community gathered in Tilford, Surrey, at their country estate called Islamabad.


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