Fareed’s Take: Why I called Trump a BS artist

Source: CNN

By Christina Manduley,

CNN)Fareed Zakaria says he wasn’t using the label “bullsh** artist” lightly when he used it to describe Donald Trump.

Zakaria, host of GPS on CNN, received both flak and praise earlier in the week when he said Trump continuously tries to clarify his positions with “a tweet or a statement… it’s sort of amusing to watch — how’s he going to pull it off this time? What is he going to argue? Usually he adds that the press hates him. But there’s a term for this kind of thing. This is the mode of a bullsh** artist,” Zakaria told Wolf Blitzer.
Zakaria took to his show to explain why he decided to use this term to describe the Republican presidential nominee. “He boasts and boasts and boasts about his business, his buildings, his books, his wives; much of it is a concoction of hyperbole and falsehood. And, when he is found out, he’s like that guy we have all met making wild claims at the bar, who when confronted by the truth quickly responds, ‘I knew that.'” Zakaria said.
One of the examples Zakaria points to is the “non-relationship” between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the National Press Club in May 2014, Trump said he spoke to Putin, who “could not have been nicer.” During the Fox Business and Wall Street Journal debate in November 2015, Trump said he got to know Putin “very well.”

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