What is Patience or Sabr?

patience II

And seek help with patience and Prayer; and this indeed is hard except for the humble in spirit. (Al Quran 2:46)

What is Sabr?

Sabr is suppressing that angry voice in your head
the one that wants to yell at people for being inconsiderate to your struggle.

Sabr is swallowing this angry voice,
overcoming it,
and learning to channel it towards a heartfelt du’a instead.

Sabr is forgiving someone when they dismiss your feelings.

Sabr is meeting those who deserted you,
with a smile on your lips, even though your tears are one step away from exposing you.

Sabr is staying silent because you’ve already stated your point too many times before.

Sabr is conforming to someone’s demand because of their right over you.

Sabr is fulfilling the rights of others even when they transgress against yours.

Sabr is crying about your heartache in front of Allah and no one else.

Sabr is believing wholeheartedly that Allah has beautiful things in store for you.

Sabr is crawling forward even when you want to stop.

Sabr is not a theory to simply be discussed and forgotten, it is an active state of being alive.

And it is worth it.

Every single second of it is so worth it because Allah loves the patient.

And it’s worth going through the worst of the worst if it means that it will gain you Allah’s love.

Sabr & Smile are the best alternatives


Patience & Prayer are the best tools of a believer


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  1. To remain content with the will of God with complete gratification and Enduring pain with dignity and without creating clamor.
    To maintain and uphold one’s loyalty and strength of faith for God under any circumstance. God states that adhering to the practice of patience makes one recipient of God’s blessings

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