Terrorism Has As Much To Do With Islam As Rape Has To Do With Love

Dear friends,
Today, heads of states and foreign ministers are discussing ISIS at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Have they really understood that phenomenon, called ISIS, and its root causes?

1. Terrorism has as little to do with Islam as rape has to do with love. 99,9 % of Muslims worldwid reject the idea of ISIS. Hence, they don’t need to apologize for ISIS. Much like Christians don’t apologize for Bush & co.

2. Bombs and drones are the deadliest terror instruments of our time, as over 90% of their victims are civilians. Bush and Obama both are terrorists when killing innocents. War is the terrorism of the rich; terrorism is the war of the poor.

3. ‘Islamist’ terrorism is the response to two centuries of Western terrorism against the Muslim world. The West has killed infinitely more Muslims than Muslims have ever killed Westerners. Nevertheless, we need to end both war and terrorism. Every life is a gift of God. No one has the right to destroy the work of God.

4. ISIS has been created by the West. It has been founded as a reaction to George W. Bush’s illegal and unjust bomb war against the people in Iraq. Those who are now fighting ISIS with bombs haven’t learned anything from history. Bombs don’t destroy terrorism – they are its breeding ground.

5. The Sunni Iraqi and Syrians are the only ones able to stop ISIS – not the West. In order to achieve that, their discrimination needs to be ended in a big national reconciliation, and they need to be allowed back into the country’s political life. The Orient is none of the West’s business.

6. ISIS benefits from fascist hate campaigns against our Muslim fellow citizens. To them, movements like Pegida are useful idiots. ISIS wants a Middle East without Christians, while Pegida wants a Europe without Muslims. Each and every Pegida demonstration provides ISIS with even more arguments to intensify its brutal fight against other religions. Also, it breeds new fighters.

7. Most of the returnees from the “Islamic State” left the movement. In most cases, cracking down on them with the entire power of our states and media, and treating them like major criminals, is stupid. We ought to always be pleased with dropouts that have no blood on their hands and help them. They may become highly important allies.

An astronomer once said that two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and that he wasn’t sure about the universe but all the more about stupidity.

It’s great that those large anti-Pegida demonstrations exist: non-Muslim Germans are now demonstrating for German Muslims. Wow! Never before has anything like this happened. That’s the Germany I love. Yours, JT

SOURCE:    http://juergentodenhoefer.de/terrorism-has-much-to-do-with-islam/?lang=en

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    1. The book of Hadith create ISIS, Taliban,Al Qaida,Jihadith etc—NOT THE WEST. Please stop blame others

    2. The book of Hadith spread hatred toward non Muslim,

    3. The book of Hadith spread lies, disinformation.

    4. Imam Muslim_Bukhari order Muslims to kill gay-lesbian–apostate, blasphemer, and infidels.

    5. Imam Muslim-Bukhari create poverty.

    If Islamic scholars really want peace in this world, the book of Hadith have to be fixed, otherwise, peace can not be achieved. Muslims scholars have to root out all violent hadith.

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