Can Pakistan’s president house host its Ahmadi citizens on an Eid celebration?

Source: ET

There are over three million (1% of the United States population) Muslims living in America. Even though anti-Muslim animus is generally on the rise across the country, President Obama has increasingly stood up for the Muslim American community. He has passionately promoted pluralism and diversity in the United States and vouches for religious tolerance world over.In his latest show of solidarity and outreach, the president held a White House reception to celebrate Eidul Fitr with Muslim American leaders and activists. Muslims from all sects came together to celebrate one of Islam’s holiest days in one of the nation’s most significant landmarks. This was a feat of unity and pluralism that is rarely seen even within the Muslim community.


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  1. One should wait and see how situation unfolds in scenario Trump success. Prior to 1974 period, state never entangled with Pakistani Ahmadies. Z.A. Bhutto followed by Zia were short sighted leaders who mixed up religion with politics. The individual leaders or statesmen sometime do matter. So let us wait few more months.

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