German Turkish community split by unrest after coup plot

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Source. The Local

“All those who criticise Erdogan are immediately considered supporters of Gülen or the PKK [the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party],” said a leader of the opposition Greens party, Cem Özdemir, himself the son of a Turkish guest worker.

Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, who lives in the USA, has been blamed by Ankara for the coup

“Erdogan may be able to do what he wants in Turkey, and that’s bad enough, but he can’t do it in Germany,” said Özdemir.

The failed coup against Erdogan has stoked tensions in Germany’s three-million strong Turkish community, prompting demonstrations and threats that have put the authorities on edge.

After days of purges amid a crackdown on suspects and Erdogan’s rivals in Turkey, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere issued a stern warning to partisans among the world’s largest Turkish diaspora.

“We don’t want these kinds of conflicts to play out in Germany with violence in the streets,” he told ZDF public television.

A member of the Berlin state legislature, Erol Özkaraca, a vocal Erdogan critic, said he had been subject to taunts and slurs.

“Liar, traitor, Gülen supporter – it’s all a lot of rubbish,” the Social Democrat told AFP.


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