Why the terrorists are winning the intelligence war?

Source: Asia Times.

Yet another criminal known to security services has perpetrated a mass killing, the Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel. Why did the French police allow a foreign national with a criminal record of violence reside in France? Apart from utter incompetence, the explanation is that he was a snitch for the French authorities. Blackmailing Muslim criminals to inform on prospective terrorists is the principal activity of European counter-terrorism agencies, as I noted in 2015. Every Muslim in Europe knows this.

The terrorists, though, have succeeded in turning the police agents sent to spy on them and forcing them to commit suicide attacks to expiate their sins. This has become depressingly familiar; as Ryan Gallagher reported recently, perpetrators already known to the authorities committed ten of the highest-profile attacks between 2013 and 2015.

The terrorists, in other words, are adding insult to injury. By deploying police snitches as suicide attackers, terrorists assert their moral superiority and power over western governments. The message may be lost on the western public, whose security agencies and media do their best to obscure it, but it is well understood among the core constituencies of the terrorist groups: the superiority of Islam turns around the depraved criminals whom the western police send to spy on us, and persuades them to become martyrs for the cause of Islam.


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  1. Ridiculous suggestion which never going to work in current scenario. Dr Mike suggested following so try it. “The insidious disease of terrorism or extremism has a source, and that source must be identified, so Muslims can begin to inoculate their communities against it.”Indeed, that source is clear. All Muslim Scholars and ordinary Muslims know it. But just did not want to deal with it, and instead, place the blame on others. Let’s face it: it is the incorrect interpretations and mistranslated verses of Quran by few scholars of Islam that has created this mess. Their work and scholarship is fabulous, but a drop of their poisonous insertions wipes it all. Islam is not about ruling,dictating and subjugating others. Islam is about living our life and letting others live theirs. It is about building societies with justice, fairness, kindness and caring for all of Gods creation. Few Muslim scholarly people infected the religion of peace with exclusivism and arrogance. If we want Islam to be Islam, a religion of peace, we need to muster the courage to stand up and reject those interpretations that are anathema to the pluralistic nature of Islam. The secondary books written by these Muslim Scholars are mistakenly elevated to be divine by a few Muslims. Bold actions are required. Allah is not the enemy of Shias, Sunnis, Ahmadiyyas, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Gays, Lesbians, Buddhists, Atheists, Pagans and others, as many Muslims wrongly make Him out to be. Unfortunately these few Muslim Scholars have reduced the universal God (Rabbul Aalameen) to a private God owned by them and acting for them. This simply is unacceptable. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is a mercy to mankind, but if you ask Asiya Bibi, Naderkhani, Lena Joy, Abdur Rahman and a host of others who have been charged with blasphemy and apostasy, they have difficulty in seeing the Prophet as a mercy to mankind. How can they see it, if the radicals among Muslim harass them in the name of the Prophet? Many Muslims know that the apostasy and blasphemy laws are not rooted in Islam, yet they have remained silent.All this venom in the name of Islam is coming from a single source; the secondary books written by few Muslim Scholars. The Quran is the only authentic book and we cannot go wrong with it. Sharia as advocated by few Muslim Scholars and as practiced by few is not divine, and divine by definition should be flawless; Sharia laws cannot be divine by any stretch of the imagination. It was a body of law created by men with the intent of serving justice to fellow beings. Constitutions of all the countries are human efforts and have been amended several times to correct the flaws. To err is human and Sharia law has major flaws that need fixing in order to reflect God’s law which cannot be anything but justice, fairness, kindness and mercy.Muslims cannot pass the buck and discount their critics as “Islamophobes.” Al-Baghdadi quotes Ibn Hisham’s biography of the Prophet for his evil acts. That book is wrong and unfortunately many a Muslims are not aware of that. Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabrielle are not cooking up, they are simply quoting what is written up in Hadith, Tafseers and Seerah even though they know it is wrong and at times discounted Hadiths.The good news is 99.99% of Muslims live their lives and let others live theirs. But that 1/10th of 1% is enough to create a mess. Why should they listen to real Muslims, when they have those books to give them their legitimacy?Terrorism will continue until those bad books are replaced with the correct ones. Muslims must plan on bringing common goodness to all in two or three generations. It has to be a gradual process of reason and logic involving everyone. Any attempt to quick fix will back fire and worsen the situation. Let’s stick to the Quran, we simply cannot go wrong. It will frightens many; it is, as if pulling the rug from under their feet. In reality, Muslims can live a moral and conscious life by simply following the Quran. Rejecting those other, so-called Islamic books will not disorient Muslims at all. Real Muslims are free and brave people. If they cannot take the responsibility to fix the problems and boldly take out the germs that have infected the way the Muslims have understood Islam, then no one else in the world can do it. It is time to take back real religion of Islam. Genuine people of the world will be happy to boldly stand with all the Muslims who want to see Islam as a religion of peace, not only in words but in deeds.

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