Ahmadiyya Muslim Silicon Valley, 4th July Celebration


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SILICON VALLEY – Working extra time after Iftar for past two weeks , a dedicated team of Ahmadi Muslims volunteers of Silicon Valley built a nice float for the 4th of July Parade held downtown in San Jose yesterday.

As usual the 4th of July parade attracts a huge turnout throughout USA, it gives everyone from all backgrounds to come together and share their loyalty and patriotism with thousands of Americans in the crowd.

Ahmadi Muslims have taken to forge a strong bond with the mainstream Americans and distinctly identify with them showing their love of the nation they have chosen as their home.

As Muslims For Peace and love, the American Ahmadi Muslims fanatically portray that when it comes to peace they stand apart from rest of Muslims who are given to “creating disorder” and terrorism. Ahmadi Muslims all over the world do not believe in war or force of any kind to spread the message of Islam.

The founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (peace be on him) declared that as the expected Reformer and Promised Messiah God told him that  war (Jihad) is haram – illegal for Muslims and is not a valid method for propagating Islam.

He pointed out the outcome of war would be costly and outweigh in the face of the modern firepower. Instead,  he insisted that Muslims must engage in “war with pen” as publication and literacy were going to forge a new power to crush false ideologies and thinking in the new world.

However, the mainstream Muslims who opposed the Promised Messiah, refused to fully reject the notion of Jihad and are caught in the cobweb of their misconception and misleading beliefs.

Every day we notice that new militant and terrorist groups emerge from the mainstream Muslims and carry out acts of violence and terrorism killing innocent people even in the Holy month of Ramadhan. As I write, the TV newscast is reporting terrorist blasts in Medina and Saudi Arabia.  These acts have preceded similar attacks just last week in Istanbul and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The terrorist activities are on the increase and fears are looming large that these acts of violence committed in the bid to forge a Islamic state may spring out of control.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community conscientiously takes a lead role both in demonstrating that peace is the key to stable communities and repulsion of terrorism or what may be misconceived as “Jihad” is utterly important.

Part of the reason for the terrorist activities that have taken a new turn in recent years stem from the dark and deep seated frustration among the mainstream Muslims for the lack of universal leadership among them that they feel is past due time. Many from the mainstream Muslim sector believe that a platform is needed – if need be by force to establish the leadership. (Please read the KHILAFAH MAGAZINE by Hizbut Tahrir to get a good grasp of the mainstream Muslim position).

Their confused state of mind,deepening frustration and mounting anger are fuelled in the main by Mullahs of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Middle East who routinely misinterpret the Holy Quran and rarely condemn the acts of terrorism as un islamic.

Their silence and in effect amusement is demonstrable evidence of their compromise  with the terrorist Muslim groups and their approval of their nefarious activities.

A crackdown on these Mullahs cannot be avoided for too long lest the terrorist activities by the so called Muslims will be out of hand soon. The terrorist groups have long determined a list of targeted governments who should all jointly exert pressure on those Muslim nations that have a compromising position with the terrorist groups and have laws in their books – such as the blasphemy law – that give impetus for inhuman and felonious criminal acts.






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