KSA continues military support for moderate Syrians

KSA continues military support for moderate Syrians


Rebel fighters from the First Regiment, part of the Free Syrian Army, fire a Grad rocket from Aleppo’s Al-Haidariya neighbourhood, towards forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad stationed in Talet al-Sheikh Youssef, Syria, on May 29, 2016. (REUTERS/Abdalrhman Ismail)

Rebel fighters from the Free Syrian Army’s First Regiment carry a Grad rocket in Aleppo’s Al-Haidariya neighbourhood, Syria, on May 29, 2016. (REUTERS/Abdalrhman Ismail)


JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia continues to support the moderate opposition in Syria militarily to ensure peace returns to the war-ravaged nation, Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said on Monday.
Al-Jubeir made the comments at a press conference with the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, held at the ministry. He said the Kingdom has good ties with the EU, a local publication reported.
Al-Jubeir said there is international consensus that the solution has to be reached under the Geneva 1 Declaration and Security Council Resolution 2254, which calls for the establishment of a transitional body to govern.
“With regards to Yemen, we welcome the ongoing discussions in Kuwait and hope to make progress that leads to a solution to the Yemeni crisis, as well as solutions based on the Gulf initiative, the output of national dialogues, based on Resolution 2216.”
Meanwhile, the head of the opposition Syrian negotiating team, Brig. Asaad Awad Al-Zoubi, told a local publication that there was no point in continuing negotiations, referring to the resignations of chief negotiator Mohammed Aloush and others.
“There is no point in completing these negotiations, which have become a means for Russia … to gain more time so that they can continue killing more Syrian people.”
“We are thinking of other options, namely a military option, and have embarked on the establishment of the Syrian National Army to serve as a military body that will work to regain the freedom of this country and dignity for its people.”

SOURCE:    http://www.arabnews.com/node/932601/saudi-arabia

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