Anti-terror police launch probe into Glasgow Central Mosque leader’s Pakistani terror link

Source. Evening Times.

Evening Times:

In documents uncovered by the BBC, the organisation’s own publication suggests that both Ali and Hafiz Abdul Hamid, a leader at Edinburgh’s Polwarth Mosque, had connections with SSP after it was banned.


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  1. NO surprise! Why does it seem all these so called dr’s and imam’s – have no real shared understanding of Islam. Why are they all educated in terror fueled countries? Then allowed to teach and preach in mosques around the world? I think that’s the biggest part of the problem If they spew hate – they should be removed. period. The rest of us are getting tired of reading about all the ties to terror organizations and links to monsters and retarded people. Clean up the delinquents that have hijacked Islam. Regulate them. Test them. Otherwise factions within Islam will continue to kill not only their own – but the rest of us. And I for one used to be a patient and tolerant person – but I am starting to see non muslims might have to get involved and remove some of these idiots – to clean up and salvage Islam. Talk is cheap. And day by day more bomb blasts – as I type another one in Turkey. May God have mercy on us all. Bring some Justice here. OR the West will.

  2. MD you say loud and clear. West has to act urgently. All Muslim groups have to be transparent and comletely loyal to the country in which they reside. If strict actions are taken I can tell you many Muslim groups will be disqualified to continue their activities in West. Hope rulers and policitician can take this advise seriously.

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