Keep Religion Out of Israel’s Courts

Haaretz: The chairman of the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, Habayit Hayehudi’s Nissan Slomiansky, is promoting a bill to increase the influence of Jewish law, halakha, in court decisions.  The bill would set up an institute to advise judges and call on them to be assisted by the principles of Jewish jurisprudence.
The bill’s wording is softer than in the previous version; it does not obligate judges to look to Jewish law. But it’s still unnecessary and harmful legislation stressing Israel’s Jewish character at the expense of its democratic character.
Judges can already draw inspiration from Jewish jurisprudence if they wish. They can be assisted by many sources, including Bar-Ilan University’s database on Jewish law. There is no need to establish a state-run institute to advise in this area, and there is no need for action designed to inject Jewish law into the courts.

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