City of Ottawa to celebrate World Hijab Day on 25th

Mother Mary II

Mother Mary is always with a hijab in artist’s imagination. For the Muslim Times’ extensive collection to promote modest dressing and Hijab, please click here

This Thursday, February 25, 2016, the city of Ottawa will be holding a public event celebrating the hijab, to  show solidarity with Muslim women and diffuse Islamophobia.

The City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) organization, backed by the City Council of Ottawa, is hosting the Ottawa Hijab Solidarity Day celebration, also called “Walking with Our Muslims Sisters,” at City Hall. According to CAWI, the main purpose of this event is to encourage non-Muslim women to wear a hijab to understand life as a Muslim woman.

The event will be taking place under the auspices of the City of Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

Hijab is the Islam dress code, Muslim women wear for modest appearance.

There is some degree of antagonism to this initiative in public.


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  1. In Christianity, veiling is actually described in the Letters to the Corinthians as a sign of the subordination of women. By contrast, no such explanation of veiling is to be found in the Koran. Muslim women are therefore serving as a negative foil by which we can idealise ourselves, affirm our own progressiveness and block out the lack of gender equality in our own country.

    Living in the west, the Niqab and hijab has become a potent indicator of identity with many non-Muslims viewing it as a political statement. However, it is pertinent to note that the hijab is, first and foremost, an act of worship that women engage in, and an act undertaken to seek the pleasure of one’s Lord.

    Now, after the Muslims women are involving more and more in the society, those people are trying to get them back to the ghettos by banning them from wearing the Burqa…And the other one who were saying that: Men are imposing the Burqa to those women and are covering that by saying: it’s her choice. This argument is simply ridicules, it seems that she doesn’t want to hear that someone wear it because of their spiritual journey, she definitely wants them to oppressed. And the French guy who were saying: We are banning it because of the dignity of the woman and gender equality ==> Since when the equality is used to restrict the liberty of free choices. Those people need to be reminded that this law is totally opposed to the universal human rights.

    Why is it that a Muslim woman cannot dress modestly without being labelled as oppressed, yet a Catholic nun can do the same without anybody blasting her. This whole skimpy dressed fashion is a 20th century movement. Why hasn’t this new movement caught on in the religious circles of Christianity, why do the nuns cover themselves from head to toe. Do you consider the wives of Moses & Abraham or the mother of Jesus as oppressed because they weren’t strutting around in bikinis? The difference here is that most followers of Christianity in the late 20th century delegated modesty to the pious ones only. Whereas Islam has maintained that modesty is for all women not just the church affiliated ones! The reason being that Islam does not change with time, its message is universal for all times. I am against anyone being forced to do something, but don’t take this away from the millions of Muslim women (especially in the west) who dress modestly because they want to. And you will find within those families too some siblings wearing the head scarf while others not.

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