Book Review: Salaam Abdus Salam (Tribute to Abdus Salam)

Review on Urdu book Salaam Abdus Salam (Tribute to Abdus Salam) 2015

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Even though Dr Abdus Salam passed away 19 years ago in November 1996, he is still remembered the world over. In 2012 after the discovery of Higgs boson, and the contributions Dr. Salam had made towards this discovery, intellectuals the world over became convinced of his extraordinary scientific insight. A seminar was held in Calgary (Canada) this year in June 2015 in which scores of learned professors and scientists presented their scientific papers. Now an Urdu book Salaam Abdus Salam has been published which is compiled by Canadian historian of Islamic science Zakaria Virk who has previously authored three books on the life and scientific achievements of this towering scientist. The combined total of all 4 books is 1285 pages. This in itself is a feat in the Urdu literature, where a compiler has collected so much material on Muslim world’s first recipient of Nobel Prize in science.

Besides writing 4 inspirational and scholarly works, the compiler has written scores of article which are available at These English articles have been read by more than 12,000 people all over the world.

He has also penned scores of Urdu article on the life and scientific achievements of Dr. Salam. These articles have been published by notable journals of India, Pakistan, UK and USA.

Coming back the book, it is printed on white paper, eye-catching composing, and eye pleasing purple color title page showing photographs of Dr. Salam. Glashow, and Weinberg, showing their theory of Electro-weak in a diagram. The books comprises of 318 pages, with 33 articles written by Dr. Salam friends, colleagues, students, space-engineer and eminent journalists. For instance there is an article by Dr. Salam colleague Dr. Jogesh Pati, his student Dr. John Moffatt, his student and later colleague Dr. Delburgouh, two former ambassadors of Pakistan Wajid Shamsul Hassan, and Karamatullah Ghauri. There is Dr. Salam interview given to The Truth, Nigeria, there is review of Dr. Mujahid Kamran biography of Salam, his contribution to the discovery of Higgs boson, Dr. Salam – his faith and his science, Dr. Salam contribution for science in Pakistan, 3 articles written by Dr. Salam himself, and the most interesting article Hakayat-e-salam describing over 100 incidents, quotations from the eventful life of this worthy scientist who was born 1000 years after the birth of great Egyptian physicist Ibn al-Haitham (d1040). In between there has been no physicist born in the Muslim world of their stature.

This book is Now available in the USA, the UK India and Canada

USA: Ahmadiyya Book Store, Silver Spring, Maryland


10610 Jane St. Maple, Ont Canada    905-832-2669

UK:     Ahmadiyya Book Store, Morden, London, UK

Mr Arshad Ahmedi, Publication Secretary



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