Why Are There So Many Misconceptions About Muslim Americans?

Source: The Huffington Post
Peaceful American Muslims are unfairly and ignorantly being lumped together with evil extremists in the aftermath of the Paris and San Bernardino attacks. Last month, Donald Trump — dismayingly, still the Republican frontrunner — further poisoned already toxic political discourse by proposing the U.S. ban all Muslims immigrants from entering the country. Unfortunately, this sort of rhetoric is widespread, and is unmistakably contributing to the increase of recent anti-Muslim hate crimes.

But anti-Muslim rhetoric is out of step with reality. Not only are Muslim Americans successfully integrating into U.S. society, they are actually more opposed to intolerance and violence than many other Americans. Nevertheless, many Americans are still succumbing to hysteria. The question is, why?


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  1. WHY?
    Because there are many Muslim America who want to establish Syariah laws in America, Muslim brotherhood for example, want to create Islamic states every where.

    Now Egypt and Saudi Arabia have banned Muslim Brotherhood, They said that MB are terrorist organization. That is why American feels that Muslims are not loyal to American’s constitution and system Secular.

    READ MORE go to Google
    Haw to floow the sunnah rightly in 21st Century

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