Why Don’t Moderate Muslims Denounce Terrorism?


Source: Huffington Post


Brooks College and Kaufman Interfaith Institute, Grand Valley State University

Immediately after the San Bernardino shootings, Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Los Angeles, said, “The Muslim community stands shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Americans in repudiating any twisted mind-set that would claim to justify such sickening acts of violence.” Tahmina Rehman, president of Buffalo’s Women’s Auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, criticized the shootings, noting that those who are truly faithful to the Quran live lives of peace and humility. Roshan Abbassi, an assistant imam at a San Bernardino mosque, said: “We are all against terrorism. … We all want peace.” Saira Khan, the sister of the shooter, said, “I believe that that’s not Islam. Islam condemns killing or hurting of anybody. Any person.”

Let me be clear: Muslims denounce both terrorism and radical Islam. “Moderate” is a misleading modifier for a religion that rejects the killing of innocent people, women and children, old people, and those fleeing combat. And the Quran is clear: there is no compulsion in matters of religion (Al-Baqara: 256).

According to the Quran, war is only for self-defense (Al-Baqarah: 190) and Muslims are instructed not to incite war (Al-Hajj: 39). Abu-Bakr, the first Caliph following Prophet Muhammad’s death, gave these instructions for (defensive) war: “Do not betray or be treacherous or vindictive. Do not mutilate. Do not kill the children, the aged or the women. Do not cut or burn palm trees or fruitful trees. Don’t slay a sheep, a cow or camel except for your food. And you will come across people who confined themselves to worship in hermitages, leave them alone to what they devoted themselves for.”

Let me concede: just as there are perversions of Christianity (the KKK and the Crusades), there are perversions of Islam (ISIS and Al-Qaeda). Each of these perversions can claim legitimation for their views within their Holy Writ and tradition. And, so, such views can claim to be Christian and Islamic. Taken as sacred, such views can inspire followers to unspeakable acts of violence.

But just as followers of Jesus claim (rightly, so it seems to me) that Christianity, properly understood, opposes slavery, most wars, and the wholesale slaughter of Jews and Muslims in the Holy Land, so, too, followers of Muhammad claim (rightly, so it seems to me) that Islam, properly understood, opposes radicalization, offensive warfare and terrorism.

So while it’s not true that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, it’s also not true that ISIS is representative of or is the best understanding of Islam (any more than the KKK is representative of or is the best understanding of Christianity).

Any religious group can rationalize its worst instincts, impulses and fears from within its own religious tradition.

Muslims can and should denounce ISIS’s perverse misappropriation of the Quran and the Hadiths to inspire terrorism.

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  1. @ Christ Centered Teaching wrote;==
    The Quran calls for theocracy, there is no seperation of church and state in the Quran,===

    The true Islam advocates the seperation of church, mosque, and states in Al Quran.

    O you who believe, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you.QS 4;59.

    HADITS.Listen and obey your authority, though he struck your back and take your wealth force (Muslim ).

    It is very clear that Prophet asked his follower to obey the existing authority, even different faith or religion.

    Bible also say that;
    Everyone must obey the existing authorities, because no authority exists without God’s permission, and the existing authorities have been put there by God.Whoever opposes the existing authority opposes what God has ordered .Roman 13:1-2).

    Hopefully these verses can convince you now.
    With all my love

  2. @ Christ Centered Teaching wrote;==

    Islam forbids any criticism of Allah Muhammad or the Quran. It is considered blasphemy and unforgivable.
    Of such is the definition of tyranny.==

    The true Islam advocated liberty and freedom of speech, and there is compulsion in Islam as prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said in Al Quran;



    Freedom of religion and expression.
    Deuteronomy 30; 1,15.Today I am giving you a choice between good and evil, or between a blessing and a curse, between live and death. .You were born with the freedom of choice.

    QS 90:10.And showed him the two ways? One is God’s way, and second is Evil’s way. People free to choose his way.

    QS 2:256.There is no compulsion in Faith. The correct way has become distinct from the erroneous. Now, whoever rejects the Taghut (the Rebel, the Satan) and believes in Allah has a firm grasp on the strongest ring that never breaks. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

    Freedom of Speech.
    QS 25:63. The (faithful) slaves of the Beneficent are they who walk upon the earth modestly, and when the foolish ones address them answer: Peace;


    Everyone has the right of freedom to worship his religion, and has the right not to have religion. Also everyone has the right of expression and speech. There is no compulsion in Islamic teaching. Everyone free to join Islam and to leave Islam.

    Hopefully these verses can convince you know that the true Islam is Liberty and freedom of speech, expression and religion, and there is no compulsion.
    That is why Allah call Islam is peaceful religion and mercy for all people.

    With love

  3. @ Christ Centered Teaching wrote;==
    Islam enslaves women and children, encourages regular wife beating, ====

    You know Christ that Allah sent down His law according to the condition of people tradition;

    Time of Dark ages, or the Olden Times.
    Al Quran down to the Prophet Muhammad over 23 years around 1400 years ago (Time of dark ages, or period of ignorance).
    Allah’s laws ( Al Quran ) was sent down to Muhammad(saw) in two condition; One was at war-time, second was at peaceful time.

    Arab society is made ​​up of various tribes, each tribe headed by chiefs, to each other and often mutually hostile war, which will result in destruction of the Arab nation.

    By Seeing and understanding the condition of the Arab’s houses, and conflict among tribes often occurred, there was paper to write Allah’s revelation or verses, Al Quran was written in animal skins and stones. Can you imagine it ?.

    There was no police to protect the women outside of the house, women stay home a long day, women were treated as sex-slave, woman is forbidden to shake hand with a man, and seat side by side with men, women were treated as second class.

    There was no water to cleanse dog saliva, and dirt. There is no electricity yet on the along road. There are no cars and buses yet. Can you imagine how did people’s life look like?

    1. Women should be appropriately accompanied by her brother when out of the house. Women should be appropriately not to drive a car.
    In other words, women are prohibited to go outside of house without being accompanied by a man(brother)
    2. Women should appropriately stay home, do not need to have good education at all.
    3. Women should be appropriately forbidden to shake hand with a man.
    4. Women should be appropriately covered all her body, except two eyes, like the terrorist cloth or Burqa.
    5. Women should be appropriately forbidden to sing a song at public place, or on TV.
    6. Women should appropriately forbidden to marry Christian man, and Jews.
    7. Women and men should be appropriately seat separately in Bus, school, and mall.
    8.Women and men should be appropriately forbidden to eat meat that slaughtered by Christian and Jews.
    9. Women should be appropriately forbidden to participate Miss Universe competition.
    10. Women should be appropriately forbidden to be leader, or as imam of Mosque.
    11. Women should be appropriately to get inheritance half of man.
    12. Music is prohibited , because Muhammad did not do that.
    13. Christian and Jews or disbeliever are forbidden to be a leader.
    14. Muslims are forbidden to eat meat that be slaughtered by Jews or Christian or disbeliever.
    15. Muslims are forbidden to say; “Merry Christmas” to friends of christian.
    There are so many thousand of Hadits which explain how to follow the life of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Most of them are not syariat Islam but Old Arab culture.

    Our question is how to follow Sunnah or the life of Muhammad( saw) professionally as a role model for Muslim in this 21st Century ?

    Muslim really need a reformation urgently, I strongly urge all Muslim scholars to reform the ancient Islamic laws. Otherwise Muslim can not live in peace, harmony and can not show the beauty of Islamic teaching to the world.



    Hopefully, my explanation can convince you Christ now that Islamic teaching is peaceful religion, justice for all people regardless his belief, religion, race, gender and mercy for al people.

    With love

    Feel free for any question about the true Islam.

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