Superstar Bachchan has liver cirrhosis, surviving on just 25% of his liver

New Delhi, Nov 24: This will be a big shocking news for millions of fans of Superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Megastar has said that he has been battling with a serious disease. Big B revealed this while addressing the media at the launch of the hepatitis campaign on Monday.

Big B surviving on 25% of his liver?

Superstar said that he was an acute patient of hepatitis B himself and had almost lost 75 percent of his liver due to late diagnosis of the disease. Unicef ambassador further revealed how he fell prey of this fatal disease. Senior Bachchan said that during the shooting of his movie ‘Cooli’ he had met with an injury, for which around 200 people had donated blood as per the medical requirement.

One of the donors was a carrier of hepatitis B due to which he too suffered from the disease, he revealed. “By the time it was diagnosed, only one fourth of my liver was left,” said Bachchan in a video released to support the awareness campaign kicked off by the union health ministry and Unicef. However, he said that though he was lucky enough to get the perfect treatment and get cured in time, there were many in the country who didn’t have the resources to even get diagnosed.

On the occasion, Bachchan also said he would be happy to interact with the field workers who work at the ground level for raising public awareness in the remote areas of the country.

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