Five Stories Of Human Kindness

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Source: BBC

Vinod Nelson had just barely left Bern, Switzerland when the train came to an unexpected halt, and terrible news came over the speakers. The train would not be continuing to Frankfurt, and Nelson would miss his flight back to Afghanistan if he could not find another way to get there.

He asked a cab driver how much the journey would cost and heard “200 euros” – a price well within the 350 euros he had in his pocket. An hour into the drive, the meter ticked past that figure, and Nelson questioned the fare.

“2,200 euros, as I told you,” the cab driver said.

Panicked, Nelson explained to the driver his genuine mistake and implored that he did not intend to fool him. Though he couldn’t pay the fare, Nelson still needed to reach the airport. The driver considered the situation in silence.

“Somehow I trust you,” the driver said. “I have no reason to, but I do think you will make sure you pay me when you get home. If you don’t… well, I would learn my lesson.”

Thanks to the blind faith of a stranger, Nelson made his flight home, and honoured his promise to the driver when he got there.

When travelling, one silly mishap can lead to a disaster. So in honour of this year’s World Kindness Day, we sought out readers’ stories of the superhero strangers that reached out a hand when times got tough – and managed to save a traveller’s day.

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