Migrants refuse to leave Hungary train to be sent to refugee camp

Refugees and migrants have defied Hungarian police and refused to get off a train in order to be sent to a refugee camp.

The train, which left Budapest station bound for Hungary’s border with Austria, stopped around 30 miles outside of the capital, with riot police ordering people off the train. Some laid on the tracks in protest at being taken to the camp, says ITV News Europe Editor James Mates who travelled on the train with the migrants.

It comes after Budapest station was reopened to hundreds of migrants after they were stopped from entering for two days, leading to chaotic scenes as people tried to board trains.

  1. 3 September 2015 at 10:03am

Syrian refugee: Tell us where Budapest trains are going

A Syrian refugee has told ITV’s Good Morning Britain he and many others are worried about being sent to migrant camps, as many crowd into Budapest’s international train station in the hope of travelling across Europe.

The man, named Waleed, told Chief Correspondent Richard Gaisford that although many had boarded a train at the station, it was unclear where it was going.

“They allow my people to get into the train but where to? I don’t know, sir.

“I want to know where to – to the camp or to Germany or Austria, that’s the key question.”

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