Pope Francis has become a Muslim, at least on the divorce issue. But, 1400 years too late …


And when you divorce women and they reach the end of their period, prevent them not from marrying their husbands, if they agree between themselves in a decent manner. This is an admonition for him among you who believes in Allah and the Last Day. It is more blessed for you and purer; and Allah knows but you do not know. (Al Quran 2:233)


Pope Francis: Is he submitting to the teachings of Islam?

Pope Francis Says Divorce Can Be ‘Morally Necessary’ To Protect Kids

Posted: 06/24/2015 6:01 pm EDT

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis said Wednesday (June 24) that there are times when it is “morally necessary” for couples to separate, as part of the pontiff’s broader reflection on how to protect children from quarreling parents.

Speaking to crowds in St. Peter’s Square, Francis said that in some cases “separation is inevitable” and “can even become morally necessary” at times.

The pontiff was clear in specifying the extreme cases in which he saw family breakdown as justifiable: “when it comes to saving the weaker spouse, or young children, from more serious injuries caused by intimidation and violence, by humiliation and exploitation, by lack of involvement and indifference.”

His comments came as part of a wide reflection on conflicts within families — “the most ugly thing!” — during which he focused on the lifelong damage wrought on children whose parents fight.

“When the father and mother harm each other, children’s souls suffer greatly, feeling a sense of desperation. And they are wounds that leave a lifelong mark,” the pope said.

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