Endometriosis ‘risks miscarriage’

Source: BBC

Women with endometriosis are more likely to lose the baby and need extra care, say fertility doctors.

It is caused by the lining of the uterus being found elsewhere in the body including the ovaries or vagina.

A study, on nearly 15,000 people in Scotland, found the condition increased the risk of miscarriage by 76%.

The team at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary said that women needed to be informed of the risk.

Endometriosis can be hard to identify and is thought to affect between 2% and 10% of women.

Symptoms include painful periods and stomach pain.

The research team analysed data from 5,375 women with endometriosis and 8,280 healthy women.

Greater risk

Data to be presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology will show most pregnancies were fine, but there was a higher rate of complications.

The odds of an ectopic pregnancy – in which the foetus develops outside the womb – were nearly trebled from 0.6% normally to 1.6% with endometriosis.

The chance of miscarriage increased by 76%, a premature birth by 26% and the need for a caesarean section by 40%.

It is thought changes to the way the uterus functions as well as increased inflammation were damaging the pregnancy.

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