Over 100,000 iftar meals to be distributed to drivers during Ramadan

Abu Dhabi:   Over 100,000 iftar meals to be distributed to drivers during Ramadan

Initiative to prevent accidents due to speeding, police say

PUBLISHED: 15:58 JUNE 14, 2015Gulf News


Abu Dhabi: Around 100,000 iftar meals will be distributed to drivers on Abu Dhabi roads during Ramadan, the Abu Dhabi Police and Traffic Patrols Directorate announced on Sunday.

The initiative includes giving food packets to visitors through the Al Ain and Ghuwaifat borders under the fourth annual Ramadan Aman (safety) campaign that is organised by the Al Ihsan Charity Organisation.

The initiative aims to reduce traffic accidents during Ramadan as a result of drivers’ speeding during iftar time to end their fast.

The directorate has also announced its decision to prevent heavy vehicles weighing 2.5 tonnes and above to enter Abu Dhabi city during peak hours between 8am and 10am and from 1pm until 3:30pm.

Around 51,000 meals will be given out in Abu Dhabi, while 30,000 are to be distributed in Al Ain and 22,500 in the Western Region.

Traffic officials urged those who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure to park on the side of the road in case they felt any discomfort or fatigue during their trips, especially during Ramadan as many individuals face dietary changes.

Other motorists are advised to refrain from speeding and to practice caution at all times.

SOURCE:   http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/transport/over-100-000-iftar-meals-to-be-distributed-to-drivers-during-ramadan-1.1534837

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