Poem: The Black Man's Call in USA

By Dr. Agha Shahid Khan, Neurosurgeon in Baltimore, USA

I want to belong
To whom where and what
My heart is Black
As is my soul, heart and Gut
I am alone
Because I don’t Belong
I am Black
And that ain,t no crap
Don’t leave me alone
That would be tragic
Cause I will be with yon Like Black Magic
Find me a father
Or a Big brother
I have got many Brothers
from the other mothers
I am part of a body
That ain’t fit right
You can’t cut me off
Than you can’t survive
Body of the nation
That gets sore and hurts
You can’t just get rid of it or
Rub it into dirt
I ani’t beg no master
I won’t beg no priest
You take care of your own
Or you will see the feast
On the streets of Baltimore
Ferguson or any city
While the whole world watches with a scornful pity
Mighty white power
You screw up the world with a pride
What you have to show for
Iraq , Kabul, Libya and Damascus
Would it suit yon better
To take care of your homeless.

I am Black and proud
And never did I ask
For what ever I got
It just came to Pass
Raise my head if I do
You beat it down to ground
Stay in your part of town
You filthy dirty clown
You have some favorite notes
That are comically tragic
Black on Black voidance
What else did you expect
When sun goes down
And the white goes home
The hoodlums own the town
They are black and they also have Black skin
But than some Black s are there with their white skin
Shooting Murder Rape looting
Theses are just the symptoms
Of a great disease
The Virus that gives you a disease of prejudice
Bigotry and Race
Unless you treat it quickly
No one will be safe
Please be kind to yourself
And everyone around
Take care of your own and
I am your own and to you I belong
Leave the other nations alone
Let me politely mention.
They are better of a great deal
Without your medley intervention

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