Building a Collection of Articles to Refute Islamophobia


And help one another in righteousness and piety; but help not one another in sin and transgression. (Al Quran 5:3)

The largest Gurdwara in Glasgow

The largest Gurdwara in Glasgow

Lead post collected by , the Muslim Times’ Editor for Pakistan.  For our collection of articles on the theme of Islamophobia, please click here


Scottish Sikhs in solidarity with the Muslims

Source: Times of India CHANDIGARH: Instead of crying foul after being target of yet another hate crime due to mistaken identity, the Sikh community in Glasgow city of Scotland has…

Video: Commuter stands up for Muslim couple abused on a train

Source The Telegraph Watch as Stacey Eden, a commuter on a train in Sydney, stands up for a Muslim couple who are being racially abused by another woman. Reference…

Islamophobia in China and Pakistan’s vow of silence

Source: Recently, in a country that is decidedly not France, a Muslim man has been sentenced to six years in prison for keeping a beard. I daresay it’s time…

This Lazy Discussion of Islam and Extremism Is Getting Just a Little Tired

Source: Huffington Post By Shabana Mahmood; Labour MP for Birmingham Ladywood and Shadow Exchequer Secretary To quote Shirley Bassey, I am what I am. And what I am is a Muslim. And…

What Islamophobia is and is not

Source: The Daily News BY MUSTAFA AKYOL; The term “Islamophobia” entered the global political language in the past decade. The New American Oxford Dictionary defines it as “a hatred or…

Craig Considine, A Catholic: Why I Admire Muhammad: A Response to Islamophobes

Source: The Huffington Post By Craig Considine Islamophobes have attacked me because I’ve written positively about Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. Because I am a Catholic, they consider me to be…

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