Jorge Ramos: A Voice for the Immigrants in USA

Source: Time

Jorge Ramos is silver-haired and gray-eyed, but inside that ring of steel beats a heart of gold.

Ramos wrangles with President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner; he swims the Rio Grande; he says he asks every question as if it’s his last, determined to get an answer or go down trying. What happened to immigration reform? He knows he has a voice and is not afraid to use it. He shouts from every rooftop that Hispanic rights are human rights.


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  1. I applaud that he is standing up for Hispanics and against any political authority.

    But, we also need to realize that paid journalists cannot speak for justice against the wishes of their employers.

    Only bloggers whose livelihood does not depend on journalism can show integrity in all circumstances. Even they are vulnerable when their security is threatened for their free speech.

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