The Promised Messiah

His Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (pbuh) – the Promised Messiah of all religions

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – the Promised Messiah

By Naaiema Khan

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was born during a time of great fervor. His birth in 1835 in Qadian, India coincided with anticipation from followers of many religions of the advent of a promised reformer. Simultaneously, humanism and anti-religious sentiments had won over many of the world’s faithful-including many relatives of Ahmad. Qadian itself was in disrepair. Malaria was common, there was no functioning sewage system, there was no economy, and wild animals were rampant.

Ahmad spent his youth in comparative religious study, logic, philosophy, various sciences and languages, and medicine. His fondness of learning became so intense that his father feared for his health. He was particularly interested in Islam, partly for the beauty of it and partly because of the sad state of the Muslim world. In a Persian couplet he wrote: “before your eyes Islam has fallen in dust. What excuse will you offer God, o Muslims, who pass your lives in luxury?”

The truthfulness can be proved by divine signs that were given in his support and the prophecies that were fulfilled. The promised messiah declared that his claim of being a reformer of the age is supported by some of which evident on earth and the sky. The 19th century was rife with comets, meteor showers and eclipses. Bielids comet and Haley’s comet-that came close to earth 3 times -were celestial signs during the time of the messiah’s arrival.

The great comet of 1882-just before the claim was made-was the brightest of modern time. In 1905 interestingly foretold the appearance of deadly disasters and the end to the czar of Russia. The fulfilment of this became a historical fact as it was found he was brutally murdered. There were many others like Dr. Alexander Dowie in 1907 and 1897’s pundit lekh ram.

The holy prophet had said: “for our Mahdi there are 2 signs which have never appeared before since the creation of the heavens and the earth. The moon will be eclipsed on the 1st night In Ramadan and the sun during midday.” The holy prophet made a prophecy more than 1400 years ago, “surely things will resemble each other like one shoe in a pair resembles the other to the extent…Israelites will be divided into 72 sects but my people will be divided into 73 sections. All of them will be in the fire except one.” The companions asked who they were to which they were told they’re those who will be like me and my companions. In this hadith, note Muslim ummah resembled with Jews.

Place of birth: the messiah will appear east of Damascus, Syria and be born in the 13th century and appear in the 14th century.

Promised messiah claimed that he was the messiah and Mahdi whose advent had been foretold in the holy Quran and hadith, and by the holy prophet.

Jesus of Nazareth: It was a claim he didn’t die on the cross- it was a natural death and won’t return. He was a prophet of god born to Virgin Mary and was messiah of the Jews as foretold by Moses. Jesus was taken down from the cross unconscious-not dead. That’s how he survived. He traveled to Kashmir and preached; his tomb’s there.

Early Milestones: In 1875, he saw a vision in which he was instructed to observe the way of prophets before him by engaging in a prolonged period of fasting. The fasting continued for months, allowing Ahmad to experience wondrous and intense aspects of spirituality. In the following year of 1876, signs of his father’s death appeared. Ahmad feared for his future. He received the revelation from which he never had to ever worry: “is Allah not sufficient for his servant?”

Stability: the state of Muslims today is pitiful. Those promised to be the best of people in verse 11 of chapter 3 of the Quran are killing and being killed for no reason. Even looking at Pakistan as an example-or foreign countries such as Palestine. The social, moral, economic, and political aspects of the life of Muslims are worst of the world. Muslims in most countries are living in a permanent state of fear, either from their own authorities or external agencies. The sad conditions of Muslims’ nations are crying out for a reformer. For a leader. And us as ahmaddiys have them both. The condition however in non-Muslim worlds aren’t much better. In reality, despite all advances in society and lifestyles, lasting happiness remains elusive. The family breakdown, disintegration of communities and focus on self, has destroyed peace and harmony in society.

Evidence: the holy Quran is the revealed word of God. Surah jummah verse 4 states this. Regarding this verse, the holy prophet replies to hazrat Salman Farsi, if faith were to go to Pleiades, a man from among these Persians would surely find it. The promised messiah’s Persian descent. In the Quran, Allah states, “and from the farthest part of the town, there came a man running. He said “O! My people, follow the messengers.” By this it means a place farther away from the center of Islam.

The promised messiah continuing on says “my belief that I would hold in this life and with which by the grace of Allah, I shall pass on from this world is that our lord and master, Muhammad Mustafa, was khataman nabiyeen and best of messengers.”

Evidence by ahadith: to confirm identity of imam Mahdi, the holy prophet gave a description: medium complexion, neither white nor black, sharp eyes, soft hair, and long beard. Besides the eclipses in 1898, the promised messiah saw a vision of angels planting black trees, in different places of Punjab. These plants were really ugly and black and frightening and stunted; he asked in the vision what type of trees are these. Angel replied “plague trees” which will spread in country shortly. This was a sign of the epidemic outbreaks in the 19th century India.

The message: our teachings inoculating the truth and spirituality. A message of peace to all religions with an appeal to ignore differences and show respect for each other and exercise sympathy. The philosophy of teachings of Islam. And abolition of violent jihad.

The legacy: includes~ khatame nabuwat, love for the holy prophet by qaseeda, khilafat e ahmaddiya, love for the holy Quran, and al-wassiyat (the will).

Founding of community: in 1889 after the revelation, he published a pamphlet describing the 10 conditions of ba’ait on Jan. 12, 1889. On March 23, he began bringing members into the community. Hazrat hakim mulana nurridin (ra) was the first follower and later the 1st khalifah. The first jalsa salana @ Aqsa mosque in Qadian had only 75 members.

Messiah of the later days: in verse 36 of chapter al-araaf of the holy Quran, god almighty promises that as human beings inhibit this world, god will send prophets for their guidance. In this day and age, hazrat mirza ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, claimed to be the promised messiah, Mahdi, arbitrator, and decider, sent by god to revive the true Islam. And bring about a peaceful revolution so that people recognize Allah. He claimed to be the ultimate protector and declared that by following him would save us from disasters.

Death: as revelation indicated that his death was near, Ahmad wrote the will in 1905 to instruct his followers for victory of Islam. Ahmad explained that god manifests his blessings first through his prophets and after their passing, he establishes the caliphate, which is the 2nd manifestation of his divine power. He said: “you must not be sad at what I have described your hearts ought not to be sorrowful because it’s incumbent that you must see the 2nd manifestation of god also.” In April 1908, Ahmad travelled to Lahore, to meet members and dignitaries. While there he penned paygham e sulah to outline a proposal to bring Hindu and Muslims together. On May 25, 1908 he fell ill and passed away the following day on May 26 and was buried in Qadian, India. His last words were “Allah meray piyaray Allah. Lord my beloved lord.”

In the end, I would like to reiterate that signs which support me are not few and far between. Don’t be hasty in rejecting me for you will be held accountable in the hereafter. Remember god is ever watchful; he establishes the truth of the truthful and falsehood of the false.

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