Ahmadiyya Ladies in Buffalo, NY Celebrated Promised Messiah Day on Easter

By Sumrah Choudhry

The members of our Mosque celebrated the day of our Promised Messiah on the same day as Easter (4/5/2015). We came together as one to talk about the theme of the event: The love for The Holy Prophet (Saw) by the Promised Messiah (as). The girls (ages 16-23) volunteered to organize the whole event; to do speeches, read poems, presentations, and have small activities. Our younger girls (ages 7-13) were happy to make creative posters to show their respect and affection towards the Promised Messiah (as). I did my presentation on the words that the Promised Messiah used in his various books to express his profound and unconditional love for the Holy Prophet (saw). It amazes me to see how much love and respect someone can have for his beloved prophet, for whom he would sacrifice his whole life.

Promised Messiah (as) Love For the Holy Prophet (saw)

The Promised Messiah (as) had the utmost kind and powerful words for the Holy Prophet (saw). It is evident through these quotes and sayings from his books how much love he had for him.

1. ) “What was this, do you know? This most wonderful thing, which happened in the wilderness of Arabia. Spiritually dead millions became alive again in a matter of days; those without eyes began to see, those without speech began to speak the language of seers gifted with divine knowledge. This was a revolution, which no eye had seen before, nor had an ear heard of it before.”

– (Barkat-al Dua pg. 10-11)

2.) “A man who exceeded all men in perfection, perfect as man and perfect as prophet, came into the world, endowed with the most perfect of graces. Through the Quickening and Gathering brought by him came the First Resurrection. A dead world became charged with life. Who is he? He is the blessed prophet, Muhammad (on whom be peace and blessings of God).”

– (Itmam al-Hujja, pg. 28)

3.) “Beloved God! Reward this beloved prophet with Mercies and Favors with which no man from the beginning of time, has been rewarded by Thee. Had not this great prophet (saw) appeared in the world, we would have known nothing of the truth of the lesser prophets. We would have had no

proof. True, they were accepted and approved and honored and loved by God. But we owe this to The Holy Prophet (saw) that these other prophets came to be known as true prophets.”

– (Itmam al-Hujja, pg. 28)

4.) “Impossible it is to measure the height of his station. Impossible to have an idea of his purifying powers. Pity therefore that his greatness goes unrecognized still. The conception of the One God had all but disappeared from the face of this earth; but the one who established it again in human hearts is he. He loved God to the utmost. And he loved and sympathized with mankind equally, sacrificing his life for their sake. No wonder, God Who knew the secret of his heart raised him above Prophets and above all men who had gone before him or were to come after him. All his aspirations were fulfilled during his life.”

– (Haqiqat al-Wahy pg. 115-116)

Promised Messiah (as) says in regards to the pain he feels on the attacking and insulting of the Holy Prophet (saw):

5.) “ If these people had murdered my children before my eyes, and cut my sincere friends into pieces, and had killed me with great humiliation and had possessed themselves with all of my possessions, I would still have not been so pained and my heart would not have been so grieved as compared to the pain that I feel by the insults towards the Holy Prophet (saw).”

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2 replies

  1. Where in the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, does he Sallaahu alaihi was sallam celebrate anything besides Eid? Has this act been legislated by Allaah? Where in the Quran can this be found? Know that if anyone innovates an act in this Religion of Islam, it will be rejected and let them have their seat in the Hellfire, wal ayyaathu Billah..Words from our beloved Nabi Salawaatu Salaamu Alaih.

  2. The Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, also said in the same Hadith that whosoever creates a useful innovation, will have the credit for that from whatever ensues from that till the Day of Judgment.

    Whatever brings humanity to a better understanding of Islam, brings them together and improves human rights is a good thing.

    Additionally, Promised Messiah, came in fulfillment of the prophecies of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, to advance his mission of propagation of Islam in the Latter Days.

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