USA: Imam Nasir invited by Sierra Leones' Muslim Community to give a speech on "Teaching of the Holy Quran"

“Worship God, the one and serve the humanity”, Imam Shamshad

Recently Imam Shamshad was invited to address the Sierra Leonean Muslim Community at Chicago North side. The event took place in the House of Sheikh Mohamed Kallon at 1440 w. jonquil terrace Chicago, who is the chief Imam of the Muslim community of Sierra Leone.

The secretary of the organization Mr. Ibrahim introduced the Imam.

The welcome address was delivered by Mr. Iqbal, the president of the group.

Imam Shamshad addressed the gathering by saying it is his love and affection for the people of Sierra Leone that brought him to meet them.

He said, he had opportunity to serve as a missionary for 4 years in Sierra Leone during 1980’s. The love and affection that was shown during to him during his stay in their country has stayed with and for that matter he also want to always reciprocate that by establishing relationship with Sierra Leonean community wherever he serves as an Ahmadiyya Muslim missionary.

Imam told them he has traveled extensively in the country of Sierra Leone from Freetown to Kanema, Kabala, Sifadu Bo and Rukupur. The people were astonished as to how much he knows their country and listened him with profound interest.

Imam Nasir at the Sierra Leones' Muslim Community

Imam Nasir at the Sierra Leones’ Muslim Community

Imam advised them that it is very important to know that why God Almighty has created human being on the earth and that what God said “For my worship alone”

So we should all follow the commandments of God and try our best to offer 5 times daily prayers, as mentioned in the Holy Quran and practiced by Holy Prophet Mohammad [Peace be on him].

It is also important that we should help the needy and poor people of the community, Islam teaches that Muslims should be always at front to serve the Humanity, therefore Ahmadiyya Muslim mission establishes Schools, Hospitals for the benefit of people of Africa. And of course, to include their children in all their religious activities and teach them the Tradition of Islam and its philosophy.

Lastly, Imam extended invitation to the community to visit Bait-ul-Jamaay. He also offered to host the community’s up-coming Independence Day celebrations.

The president of the community, Mr. Iqbal and the chief imam Mr Kahloon and other members thanked Imam Shamshad and requested him to provide some copies of the holy Quran with English Translation, upon which imam shamshad accepted their request and said Ahmadiyya Mission will inshallah provide copies of the Holy Quran for all interested.

The Imam thanked them all for their excellent hospitality.

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