India: Jama'at-e-Ahmadiyya organizes book stall in Gadag, Karnataka

Reports by 
Molvi Sheik Burhan Ahmad, Ameer Jamaat, Gadag, Karnataka
Nematulla Nawaz (Muballigh Dawat-e-Ilallah, Karnataka)

The Ahamadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Hebbal, Gadag District, North Karnataka, India, organized a book stall at Halswamy jatra (a hindu religious gathering) on 28th , 29th & 30th of March 2015.


Hebbal is a small village situated in Gadag district of north Karnataka, 470 Kms from the capital Bangalore and majority in here are nau mubaaein (New Converts).

The Halswamy Jatra (a Hindu religious gathering) is celebrated here every year.

Al’humdulillah, this year our Jam’at had an opportunity to setup our book stall there which was done with the timely help & support of Muballageen and Muallameen of the circle under the guidance of Ameer Sahab Molvi Sheik Burhan Ahmad.


The idea of stall was initiated by Molvi Sheik Burhan Ahmad

About 1000 copies of Ahmadiyya literature was distributed among the attendees.

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By the grace of Allah and handful of volunteers the book stall was success and the response received was also good by the people who visited the stall; everybody appreciated the principles of Ahmadiyya Jama’at.

We pray to Allah, the Almighty to bless all who made this book stall a success.

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