The Women's Mosque of America

The leaders of a new mosque in Southern California say they want to create a “safe space to be with their sisters”. It’s the first all-female mosque in the United States.
Photo: A service held at the Women’s Mosque of America in downtown Los Angeles. Credit:

US first women-only ‘mosque’ opens in Los Angeles

21 February 2015 Last updated at 09:21 GMT

The first women-only mosque in the US is causing controversy among the American Muslim community and beyond.

The Women’s Mosque of America in Los Angeles holds prayers in a building that used to be a synagogue, but is now a multi-faith space.

Founder Hasna Maznavi told the BBC the intention was not to compete with other mosques, but to give women a place where they can “grow inspired and empowered”.

Alastair Leithead reports.

Watch an additional video

2 replies

  1. alhamdulilah in this struggle for truth we have to employ ever asset ALLAH have given us.for too long we have ignored the great minds of the sisterhood,WE will never be the UMRAH AllAH wants until we we employ ever tool he has given us to fight with in jahad.BLACK,WHITE JEW GENTILE MAN AND WOMAN.

  2. A woman can lead in prayer to other women.Also she can teach them. If there is any separate centre for their teaching or prayers it seems a better opportunity for them.

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