Saudi women express reluctance to marry men in blue-collar jobs

Source: Arab News:

Some Saudi women look down at the idea of marrying a man practicing trades such as mechanic or electrician, but others believe that anyone earning money in an honorable work is good enough.
A photographer, Mansurah, claims that while she does not object to the idea of marrying a man practicing some trade aside of his primary job, she states she wouldn’t want her husband’s main profession to be that of a blue-collar one. The reason is mainly financial, she states, since she fears that such men would not be able to provide her with a comfortable lifestyle. She also wants her groom to be a university graduate like her.
Medical student Nadiah Jowhar has no objection in making a man with a blue-collar job her life’s partner provided he is making a decent earning. However, she added he hopes his projects may grow as time passes on and he will be able to provide for the family.


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